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Posted 29 December 2011 - 03:01 AM

:steve_csi: :steve_csi:  server:
Website: www.fantasyCraft.webs.com

is now Fully Functioning for 1.0, so Get in, and Get Exploring!

-ChestShop (Now for ALL players!)




CoOwner Team


Admin team
- Skuxx_baby
- Bremia

Moderator Team


Want to join? The IP is:

Greifing will not be tolerated, nor will disrespect for the staff that is working so hard to keep this thing running smoothly. A verbal warning will be followed by a kick and then a possible tempban to ban depending on the severity of the issue, so play nicely, and have fun with your fellow players!
Rules: No X-Raying and no client-side mods that give unfair advantages. ex: flight, X-Ray mods (We WILL catch you. It's obvious),dungeon/biome finding mods. Mods like Zan's minimap mod are allowed. Ask a staff member about a mod that you are unsure about.

Want To Donate to Show Support or Gain Access to a Particular perk or package? Email me at [email protected]!

Cya In The Server

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