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Tectonicus v2.07 (Expanded mod support!)

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 12:59 AM

Posted Image

Yes, it's yet-another map renderer. However Tectonicus is a bit different - it actually draws your map as a big 3d model, so you get really high quality results:

Posted Image

And you can zoom really far in too so you can see all the detail in your world:

Posted Image

It outputs high detail image tiles, and then splices them together to produce a handy-dandy google maps view on your minecraft world. You can have a play with a (very small) example render here:

Example map - Click me!

(this is pretty old now, I'll update it some day, promise!)

Version 2.0 lets you put down view signs to get first person images in your map too:

Posted Image

As of version 1.21, Tectonicus supports the new 'region' map format in Minecraft Beta 1.3.

You can also render just a circular chunk of your world:

Posted Image

The tectonicus page, with links and for feedback.

Google code page
Tectonicus is open source and hosted on google-code. Drop us a message if you want to help out.

Wiki page
There's a page on the minecraft wiki with more information and hints for how to use it.

With so many users it's become impractical to use this forum thread for comments and suggestions, so instead I'm trying to use betaeasy to manage it. You can get to it from the website link just above, or go straight to the feedback page.


Version 2.00 is a big rewrite to support layered rendering (ie. rendering day/night/caves/nether all at once). As such it uses a different config file format (see example here: v2.00 config file: http://www.triangula...layerConfig.xml ) and some functionality from the old versions doesn't work yet. I'll be restoring the old bits of functionality over the next week or so.

Feedback on the new layers system is appreciated.

In v2.00, command line options for rendering (other than the 'mode' option) are discoraged, so if you've got a tool or script that uses them please migrate over to the new format.


The latest version can be found on google-code:

Tectonicus downloads page

(cross-platform jar - works on Mac OSX, WinXP, Win7 and Linux)

example config file

example config with multiple layers

default block config

Old versions:
Download v2.07
Download v2.06
Download v2.05
Download v2.04
Download v2.03
Download v2.02
Download v2.01
Download v2.00
Download v2.00beta7
Download v2.00beta6
Download v2.00beta5
Download v2.00beta4
Download v2.00beta3
Download v2.00beta2
Download v2.00beta
Download v1.38
Download v1.37
Download v1.36
Download v1.35
Download v1.34
Download v1.33
Download v1.32
Download v1.31
Download v1.30
Download v1.29
Download v1.28
Download v1.27
Download v1.26
Download v1.25
Download v1.24
Download v1.23
Download v1.22
Download v1.21
Download v1.20
Download v1.19
Download v1.18
Download v1.17
Download v1.16
Download v1.15
Download v1.14
Download v1.13
Download v1.12
Download v1.11
Download v1.10
Download v1.09
Download v1.08
Download v1.07
Download v1.06
Download v1.05
Download v1.04
Download v1.03
Download v1.02
Download v1.01
Download v1.0
Download alpha

Usage - gui
To use the (simple) gui, run Tectonicus with this command:
java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar mode=gui

Usage - command line
For advanced options, run Tectonicus with no arguments like so:
java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar
It'll then give you details of the available command line options you need to provide.

Usage - config file
Instead of providing all the options on the command line, you can put them in a config file:
java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar config=path/to/simpleConfig.xml

v2.00 config file: http://www.triangula...layerConfig.xml

v1.xx config files:
For examples, here's a simple config file you can use (just fill in worldDir and outputDir, and tweek the other options). Or there's a full example config file that shows all possible options.

The config file is the preferred way of running Tectonicus. If you reuse the same config file you'll get the best caching behaviour and repeated renderings will be faster.

Please Donate!
If you use Tectonicus and like it, then please consider donating to charity via the Tectonicus justgiving page. If you donate you get a cool little icon next to your player on all Tectonicus maps:

Posted Image

More info on the charity donation page. Thanks!

Reporting bugs
Please read this for instructions.

Most block types are implemented, but a few of the more complicated ones are missing. All simple types are present (sand, rock, cobbles, etc.), along with water, lava, plants, stairs, ladders, fences and torches. Missing are switches, doors, signs, buttons and portals.

Planned features
Plenty! My main items on the todo list are biome colours, streetview and more command line options. If you've got any specific feature requests (big or small) then feel free to post them.

Running Tectonicus on windows command line (by mmillss).
German tutorial (by kleineMax)
Headless VPS tutorial (by wallnuss )



Your maps!
Map render for The Shaft (direct link).

Change history:

Alpha version:
- added 'closestZoomSize' command line arg
- added 'texturePack' command line arg
- fixed not rendering top of blocks at top of world
- fixed auto find of minecraft jar in linux
- dump filename on raw chunk load error
- added furnace, workbench, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, jukebox
- added wooden and stone stairs
- added fences
- added crates
- added minecart tracks
- added quadtree and used to find visible chunks for output tile
- added caching of chunk/tile caches to skip unchanged base tiles
- added build info output + svn version number
- added system properties to log output
- added test forceAwt and forceXXBit options
- mostly unified lighting

Version 1.0
- added white cloth
- added netherstone
- added slow sand
- added lightstone
- fixed ice transparency bug
- fixed build info
- optimised calculation of visible tiles
- master cache info held as text for manual tinkering if need be.
- now writes list of updated images to changed.txt in output dir
- added lighting options (day/night/none)

Version 1.01
- added jpeg output (reduces file size of output by about a third)
- fix array index out of bounds when half steps at top of world

Version 1.02
- fixed map.html having wrong case in file extension (.Png not .png)

Version 1.03
- fixed inverted logic of CheckForValidMinecraftDir

Version 1.04
- added 'writing html' with path to output
- disabled chmod-ing of extracted natives

Version 1.05
- Added sign icons. Use new command line option 'signs=all' (or 'special' for signs beginning and ending with ! - = or ~) Use signs=none to disable
- Added player icons. Run with 'mode=players' to only update the player positions - use on a multiplayer server to track player movement.
- Added spawn location icon.
- render tiles in z-order for optimum cache efficiency
- clean out output dirs if cache has changed

Version 1.06
- added 'players=' option to control players export (none/ops/all)
- added 'showSpawn=' option (true/false)
- fixed players without custom skin not appearing on map
- fixed null pointer when reading players
- fixed filtering of signs with no text

Version 1.07
- sign markers are now click-able and open up an info window with properly formatted sign text

Version 1.08
- escape " characters in signs
- added extra logging for mode=players
- fixed signs disappearing problem
- disabled streetview control
- disabled map type control

Version 1.09
- added diamond logo to map output
- added proper player infowindow, with health and air
- added signs toggle and players toggle

Version 1.10
- fixed 'isPng'
- fixed blocks at top of world being drawn too dark on top
- map centers on spawn position when opened
- added gif output (imageFormat=gif). Reduces my small test map to 205Mb compared to 385Mb png!
- fixed file handle leak in file cache
- fixed wrong-directioned slash in player info window

Version 1.11
- falls back to non-antialiased if antialiasing not supported
- added donations / player titles
- extracted sign/hearts/air/icons from texture pack

Version 1.12
- much better fallback testing for pbuffer creation
- fixed 'unknown image format' exception when exporting html resources
- fixed missing top face for half steps which have a full block above them
- made command line keys case-insensitive
- made command line accept 'yes' and 'on' for boolean values
- made html validate (does that fix any browser problems?)
- added player skin cache to drastically speed up players-only export

Version 1.13
- fixed biome extractor packaging

Version 1.14
- added sandstone
- added lapis lazuli block
- added lapis lazuli ore
- added note block

Version 1.15
- added biome colours support. Extracts biome data to a cache directory for reuse between runs
- added cake! 6 variants for each cake slice removed
- added wool colours
- added dispenser block support
- added redstone torches (off and on)
- fixed wall torch positions
- added world stats (on spawn icon popup)
- fixed crash when unexpected .dat files encountered (eg. 'copy of chunk.0.0.dat')
- fixed broken 'is this you' image tag
- added player blacklist / whitelist output modes
- added 'signsInitiallyVisible' and 'playersInitiallyVisible' options

Version 1.16
- Added fallback to default biome colours if biome extractor can't bind to minecraft.jar
- Added compass overlay

Version 1.17
- Added redstone wire
- Fixed area stat in world statistics

Version 1.18
- Cave mode! Use renderStyle=cave argument
- Urls can now point to specific locations in the world, eg. <!-- m -->http://www.example.c...ap.html?worldX= ... Z=0&zoom=0<!-- m -->
- Added Tectonicus stats to map stats output
- Fixed crash in Chunk.collectStats if raw chunk couldn't be loaded

Version 1.19
- Support for new minecraft region map format
- fixed integer wrap-around bug with world stats (fixes negative 'air' stat)
- lots of memory optimisations to reduce memory usage for large worlds.

Version 1.20
- Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error when discovering chunks
- Possible fix for signs and player markers not showing up on map

Version 1.21
- Upgraded to latest version of lwjgl (2.7)

Version 1.22
- Added support for new slabs and double slabs
- Added beds
- Updated redstone wire for new texture pack layout
- Added fading for redstone wire colours
- Added 'imageCompressionLevel' command line argument
- optimised findVisibleChunks. Should help with rendering speed (now ~2ms instead of ~100ms)
- added 'show link' to get link to current view position
- Added redstone repeater (on/off, 4 directions, 4 delay settings)
- Added wooden door (in 4 directions, each open or closed)
- Added iron door (in 4 directions, each open or closed)
- Added 'cameraElevation' command line option. range from 10 to 90 (degrees)
- Added wooden pressure plates
- Added stone pressure plates
- Added redstone buttons

Version 1.23
- Added wall signs with text and 4 orientations
- Added sign posts with text and 16 orientations
- Changed google maps to always use latest stable version (3.3)
- Fixed a couple of null pointer exceptions
- Fixed missing chunk errors! Woo!

Version 1.24
- Removed [New/Old]ChunkIterator classes. Now just iterates over all regions and all contained chunks. This is safer and faster, but does mean we no longer support the old map format
- Made TileRenderer.findVisibleTiles use region cache to improve speed
- Rewrote chunk hashing (calc ones at preprocess, cache to disk), means FindChangedTiles now *much* quicker.
- Enabled allowing software opengl by default
- Added version check to bail cleanly when trying to map old alpha style worlds
- Added rasteriser info to log

Version 1.25
- Fix for Slabs crashing due to bad block data
- Fixed biome extractor. Not entirely sure biome colours are actually working though.

Version 1.26
- Tile coord sets now swapped to hdd for *much* lower memory usage
- Fixed array out of bounds error when generating Slab geometry
- Fixed donation html
- Changed file list now written incrementally for lower memory usage
- Added peak memory usage stat to map stats
- Fixed wrong
tag in html
- Test out pbuffer on creation so we bail out early if we've got a bogus pbuffer
- Default 'useBiomeColours' to off since I don't think it's working correctly other than slowing things down a lot

Version 1.27
- Fixed array out of bounds crash with double slab
- Fixed black rectangle around compass
- Possibly fixed grid lines appearing in oceans

Version 1.28
- Added 'logFile' command line argument
- Added 'outputHtmlName' command line argument
- Minor speed increase in loading raw chunks

Version 1.29
- made downsampling distribute over multiple threads (use numDownsampleThreads=N to customise num cores used)
- Fixed misnamed log file
- Added debug information when no chunks found
- Always skip empty signs since they're used for asthetic reasons (like building chairs)
- Fixed pre/center tag ordering problem in html
- Added missing ';' to javascript
- Output world/render stats to stats.js (block stats now in blockStats.js)

Version 1.30
- fixed hdd tile iterator counting too many tiles (fixes 107% progress bars)

Version 1.31
- Added nether rendering. Use dimension=nether and renderStyle=nether
- Multithreaded base image writing.
- Optimised takeScreenshot to copy into image files a scanline at a time
- Optimised chunk loading and geometry creation
- Added extra debug info when chunks fail to load
- Added different half-slab material types

Version 1.32
- Reduced region cache size from 32 to 16 to fix OSX out of memory bug
- Re-exposed cacheDir with warning about usage
- Added toggle box for spawn point, with 'spawnInitiallyVisible' command line option
- Tweeked nether rendering mode to strip the roof off of nether worlds better
- Now compiled to java 1.5 rather than 1.6
- Fixed missing google maps api with no signs html
- Portals now have markers like players
- Fixed top-of-world lighting glitch
- Added detector rails
- Added powered rails (both off and on states)

Version 1.33
- Added wheat blocks
- Restored tileSize param (min 64, max 1024)
- Added portal option. portals=All will export portal markers, or portals=None to disable them.
- More robust handling of region and image file opening/closing

Version 1.34
- Added Web block
- Pointed logo link to proper website rather than forum topic
- Added coord of current cursor position to map overlay
- Added bed markers for player's spawn points
- Fixed odd lighting on stairs

Version 1.35
- Fixed vertical fences(!)
- Fixed bed markers not showing correct owner

Version 1.36
- Fixed black grass and leaves with painterly pack
- Made gui mode work (ish)
- Possible fix for image writer / "pos < flushedPos" exception

Version 1.37
- Added pulling configuration from config xml file.

Version 1.38
- Generates mipmaps of terrain atlas for better image quality
- Fixed bug where portal filter was not parsed correctly from xml config file
- Fixed bug where player filter was not parsed correctly from xml config file
- Fixed bug where signs filter was not parsed correctly from xml config file
- Fixed bug which would cause gui to crash on start
- Initial pass at circular regions
- Added 'renderStyle' option to layers node in xml config
- Now exports player info for single player worlds. Use 'singlePlayerName=' in layers node to set player name
- Added support for birch and spruce leaves
- Added support for birch and spruce trunks

Version 2.00beta
- Big layers rewrite
- Fixed biome colours memory leak

Version 2.00beta2
- added cameraAngle and cameraElevation to 'map' settings in xml config
- added useBiomeColours to map settings
- added birch and spruce saplings
- added dead shrubs
- added tall grass
- added ferns

Version 2.00beta3
- fixed biome colour sampling bug (array out of bounds error)
- added 'numZoomLevels' to config node
- fixed tall grass biome colour bug

Version 2.00beta4
- added 'singlePlayerName' to config node
- added initially visible toggles to config node (todo: add to example config)
- added sign/player/portal filtering to each layer (todo: test this)
- fixed player skin cache getting wiped all the time
- fixed image compression level setting
- added version checked to config file
- removed old command line arg parsing

Version 2.00beta5
- fixed force load 32/64 natives flags
- fixed initially visible flags
- compass image now changes when map angle changes

Version 2.00beta6
- Re-introduced command line args
- hide map switch control if only one map type
- removed 'get link' box, now just changes the url in the browser's address bar (less cluttered and simpler!)
- redone icon toggle buttons to be smaller

Version 2.00beta7
- fixed problem with map selector not appearing on output with one map but multiple layers
- merged some js files to reduce server requests
- added players-only mode back in. Either use mode="players" in xml or mode=players on command line
- made gui work again

Version 2.00
- added first person views!
- added better error messages when terrain.png not found (detects use of server jar or launcher jar)
- reverted google maps api to 3.3 to fixed unclickable markers bug

Version 2.01
- views now default to an angle of 90 degrees (horizontal)
- removed #view signs from being output in signs=all mode
- added view files to changed file list
- added bottom to wool
- added bottom to log
- added bottom to cactus
- added bottom to double slab
- added bottom to furnace
- added bottom to leaves
- added bottom to workbench
- added bottom to jack-o-lantern
- added bottom to dispenser
- added bottom to grass
- can now set view distance in config file
- can now set image format for views in config file
- can now set image compression level for views in config file
- layers now default to 'day' light style, no longer a required attribute

Version 2.02
- fixed bottom of grass blocks
- fixed too dark biome grass
- added biome-coloured grass to side of grass blocks
- fixed night lighting on cake
- fixed night lighting on pressure plates
- fixed night lighting on doors
- fixed night lighting on redstone wire
- fixed night lighting on redstone repeater
- added bottom to stairs
- improved glass rendering (hide internal edges)
- added bottom to water
- changed skybox to sky tube for better quality
- added night option to views (with separate skybox)

Version 2.03
- refactored block registry code
- fixed cake (1.8 moved it's position in terrain.png)
- fixed beds (1.8 moved it's position in terrain.png)
- fixed burning furnace
- added new brick half slab
- added new stone brick half slab
- added new brick double slab
- added new stone brick double slab
- added brick steps
- added stone brick steps
- added cracked stone brick
- added mossy stone brick
- added locked chest
- added melon
- added glass pane
- added iron fence
- added vines
- added melon stems
- added pumpkin stems
- added huge red mushroom
- added huge brown mushroom
- added regular piston (+extended piston arm)
- added sticky piston (+extended piston arm)
- fixed single quote characters in view signs breaking javascript syntax
- disabled google maps marker 'optimisation' that prevents markers being clicked

Version 2.04

- added mode="views" option. Just renders any changed or new views.
- fixed map being cut off past a certain distance above the origin
- added fire block
- added portal block
- supports default + custom block types for each layer
- updated to latest stable version of google maps
- added cameraAngle= to command line options
- added cameraEvevation= to command line options
- refactored texture loading
- refactored all block types to support custom textures

Version 2.05

- added support for ender dimension (dimension="ender" instead of dimension="nether")
- added Mycelium
- added Nether Brick
- added Nether Brick Stairs
- added Nether Brick Fence
- added End Stone
- added Lilly Pad
- added Dragon Egg
- added Nether Wart
- added End Portal Frame (with and without eye)
- added Cauldron (with different water levels)
- added Enchantment Table
- added Brewing Stand (with and without bottles in each corner)
- fixed lighting on fire block
- fixed bug where custom block config wasn't optional

Version 2.06

- made compass default to new north direction
- can set north direction for compass for each map (eg. north="+x")
- can use a custom image for the compass rose (compassRose="/path/to/rose.png")
- fixed bug where minecart tracks didn't show correct name in block stats
- fixed bug where glass wouldn't show up in block stats
- added comma separation for 1,000s in block stats
- added some world stats
- added food display to player info
- added XP level to player info
- reworked raw chunk and geometry caching for better memory usage

Version 2.07

- expanded mod support to allow different block types for different data values. See http://www.minecraft..._.28for_mods.29

Enjoy! Please share any generated maps you make Posted Image
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer

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  • Location: Portsmouth, Uk

Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:15 AM

It might just be me but the download link doesn't seem to work, it just loads a page with alot of unidentifiable code gibberish. Tries it on Firefox and PaleMoon to no success, the other linked works though and looked cool.
Some say that the box sun in minecraft should be round. I say that the real sun should be square.



Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:27 AM

WerePanda said:

It might just be me but the download link doesn't seem to work, it just loads a page with alot of unidentifiable code gibberish. Tries it on Firefox and PaleMoon to no success, the other linked works though and looked cool.
Your browser is probably trying to open the file rather than download it. Use right click->save as... should do the trick.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:28 AM

WerePanda said:

It might just be me but the download link doesn't seem to work, it just loads a page with alot of unidentifiable code gibberish. Tries it on Firefox and PaleMoon to no success, the other linked works though and looked cool.

right click -> save as


  • Location: Portsmouth, Uk

Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:37 AM

OrangyTang said:

Your browser is probably trying to open the file rather than download it. Use right click->save as... should do the trick.

Ahh that makes kinda sense cheers, now to give this a play with.
Some say that the box sun in minecraft should be round. I say that the real sun should be square.



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 02:11 AM

I had a problem using the java shell commands in command prompt on Windows 7. If anyone else is having issues using "java -jar Tectonicus.jar" in the command line this could solve your problem.

You need to include the path to your java directory under the Environmental Variable labeled "PATH." To do this: Right Click on My Computer and go to properties. Click Advanced then at the bottom click Environmental Variables. Locate your java directory (mine was C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\ ) and copy the address. Now go back to the Environmental Variables window. In the lower scroll-box you will find a variable labeled PATH. It probably already has information linked to it but you can add information. If there's already an address there just add a semicolon (:Skeleton: after the path and then add your java directory address. No spaces are necessary and the paths need to have ' \ ' at the end of them. My path variable contains this:

PATH   |   C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;
%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\

Ignore the line-breaks. The part in bold is the part I added. Once I did this I was able to compile and run the .jar via command prompt using "java -jar Tectonicus.jar"

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Currently rendering tile 3047 of 6696 from my main world, I think it forced me to do numSamples=0 so there may not be much smoothing, but I am still excited.
Posted Image



Posted 30 November 2010 - 04:53 AM

Thanks dyren that advice helped a lot :RedShroom: and OrangyTang this is a great tool and i hope you keep up the great work, this was the reason i signed up here. just a question, how hard is it to code these things? it looks real hard.


  • Location: Arizona

Posted 30 November 2010 - 05:09 AM

John Campbell


  • Location: Tas, Australia
  • Minecraft: dorianGREY326

Posted 30 November 2010 - 06:34 AM

this looks brilliant, will try it out soon.
Posted Image



Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:45 AM

dyren said:

Currently rendering tile 3047 of 6696 from my main world, I think it forced me to do numSamples=0 so there may not be much smoothing, but I am still excited.
Sweet! Did this finish?

About the antialiasing thing - because I'm actually using your graphics card to draw, antialiasing may or may not be supported (particularly since it's doing funky off-screen drawing rather than regular games stuff). numSamples=0 should still produce pretty good result, it's only the closest zoom level that might look a bit jaggy.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:48 AM

Spikky577 said:

Thanks dyren that advice helped a lot :) and OrangyTang this is a great tool and i hope you keep up the great work, this was the reason i signed up here. just a question, how hard is it to code these things? it looks real hard.
Thanks :) I've been doing 3d programming off-and-on for a few years now so it's not too hard - the tricky bit is making it able to render huge maps without running out of memory.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:59 AM

Hello is this able to run with HeyO's mod?



Posted 30 November 2010 - 11:25 AM

Mr_Mellow said:

Hello is this able to run with HeyO's mod?
I don't use Hey0's mod, but I think it's just a server mod? It should work fine, this just reads the raw map data from disk.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer




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Posted 30 November 2010 - 11:30 AM

example of valid input for windows in case anyone is having trouble

java -jar tectonicus.jar minecraftJar=\%appdata%\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar worldDir=\%appdata%\.minecraft\saves\World1 outputDir=\mapOutput numSamples=0



Posted 30 November 2010 - 11:57 AM

Oh, I forgot - if you're mapping a single player world then you can use "worldDir=1" (or 2, 3, etc.) to use that world number instead of having to type the full path in.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



Posted 30 November 2010 - 12:08 PM

so what would i make the command to run it?

im already using.
java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -cp BiomeTerrainMod_SMP_v10_1.jar;minecraft_mod.jar net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer



Posted 30 November 2010 - 12:21 PM

Tectonicus is a completely seperate app, like Cartographer or mcmap. You just have to run it once to generate the map using a command like lane posted just above.
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



    Out of the Water

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 02:06 PM


I'm getting the following error when trying to use this tool on a Debian-server:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/janabr/.tectonicus/native/liblwjgl.so: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/i386/libjawt.so: symbol awt_Unlock, version SUNWprivate_1.1 not defined in file libmawt.so with link time reference
		at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method)
		at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(ClassLoader.java:1767)
		at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1663)
		at java.lang.Runtime.load0(Runtime.java:787)
		at java.lang.System.load(System.java:1022)
		at org.lwjgl.Sys$1.run(Sys.java:70)
		at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
		at org.lwjgl.Sys.doLoadLibrary(Sys.java:66)
		at org.lwjgl.Sys.loadLibrary(Sys.java:82)
		at org.lwjgl.Sys.(Sys.java:99)
		at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.(Display.java:130)
		at tectonicus.TileRenderer.(Unknown Source)
		at tectonicus.TectonicusApp.run(Unknown Source)
		at tectonicus.TectonicusApp.main(Unknown Source)

Could you tell me what packages your program depends on because it looks fairly awesome and I don't want to miss out. ;)

(I already had two dependency problems, but those were sorted out)



Posted 30 November 2010 - 02:22 PM

Hmm, odd error. The only dependencies are java and lwjgl, which seems to be the bit failing. I would first check out their demos page and check that their test apps work on your system.

It looks like lwjgl isn't finding some kind of Sun/AWT symbol - are you using the proper Sun JVM or the dodgy open source one?
Tectonicus - high detail minecraft map renderer



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Posted 30 November 2010 - 02:42 PM

That is one fabulous looking map renderer and i love the name! :Lava: It sounds like my idea of a perfect name for a deep undersea base. :Lava:

Keep up the good work, I would love to put this to good use. Much thanks for your time and effort.  :D  :Lava:  :Lava:  :D
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