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[TOOLS] The bukkit GUI Project

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 03:49 PM


I didn't create this , Bertware did.
Just for safety, if you think its a virus, Try here
Current versions: v0.9.10.1 Recommended - v1.2.0.2 pre release Development

The bukkit GUI project - shortened BukkitGUI - is intended to provide server owners with a easy to use, powerful GUI. Except from clearly displaying server information, it also adds some functions, like download of the latest builds, Alerts,... At this moment it does only use 30MB of your RAM, and 0% CPU when your server is running.

CPU may raise a little when there is a lot of output, like on startup (with many plugins or) reload.
Note: This program is a beta version.
I suggest to download it from BukkitDev(recommended) build or github (development build)
If you have problems with the version from BukkitDev, download it from github. There are continues bugfixes, so stay up to date.

Colored output, colors definable in settings
advanced List with online players, richt click for quick commands
Advanced options to launch bukkit
Download latest versions of bukkit
Highly precise memory measurement
Low on resources, performance can be adjusted in settings
(30MB RAM - 0% CPU when server is normal running)
Seperate log for errors
Alerts when something happens
Start and play! (from v1.0 all setup is done in your place!) (There might be exceptions)
Minimize to tray (configurable)
Rarely/Never breaks on Minecraft/bukkit update

You can set all paths/directory's by double clicking the textbox. Note:the GUI should be in the same folder as bukkit. if you don't have bukkit yet, I advise you place the GUI in an empty folder

If java isn't installed in your default folder, got to tab options, and set the correct folder
you can edit other settings as well
go to superstart, and set the correct minimum and maximum value for your server.
If you haven't downloaded Craftbukkit, you can use the buttons on the right to download it
You can save all settings in the tab options(they are saved automatic on shutdown). You can now start bukkit. (either from superstart, or the label below the player list in the main tab

Go to screenshots page


Recommended builds can be downloaded from Bukkitdev. For small updates, just use the built-in updater.

High-accuracy CPU monitor (Work in Progress)
Own log files
Bukkit File editor for setup of your server (Work in Progress)
Performance logs
Optimize/Re-write code to ensure lowest possible memory usage
See if Windows Vista and 7 Gadget is possible
See if Windows 8 Metro gadget is possible
Known Issues

Some features aren't working (B├Ęta version), they are greyed out
If you find a bug, please report below. (please include OS,CB build,GUI version, and how to reproduce)

Windows XP and higher, should work on linux with Wine but not tested If it doesn't work, make shure if you have .net framework 3. You can find it here. DOESN'T WORK ON MAC
800 Tested and Working
1185 Tested and Working
1240 Tested and Working
1317 Tested and Working
1337 Tested and working

please take a look at the quick install guide and the manual


v0.9.8.0 - Recommended build

Automatic updates for GUI
New Settings engine (still disabled)
Improved Plugin manager, still work in progress
Fixed lot's of bugs
small UI improvements
Improved performance (GUI won't 'hang' any longer when getting info from the internet :) )
some minor things... Full changelog
Want to join the project? I'm searching:

Java developer for remote server side program

This project if freely available, but it takes a lot of time to maintain it and to add additional functions. So if you like the project and want to support me:

I don't wish to put the donate button, or it'll get suspicious(e.g. its my paypal e-mail and not BertWare's).

Download This!
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Posted 10 January 2012 - 07:48 PM

I didn't know there was a topic about my GUI here, too :)

Currently I'm working at the "real" (non-beta) version, which should be better at performance, UI, efficiency,...
A pre-release is already available, though lots of features should still be added (v1.0 has only basics right now, however development is going quite fast)

Current stable version: v0.9.10.1

New features:
-Advanced player tab, See where your players come from
-Plugin manager. currently a first try, which is working relatively good, v1.0 will be able to install almost every plugin available on bukktidev.
-Auto updater :)
-Handles various problems with bukkit, you don't have to take care of them any longer.

v1.0 will have even more features, however, It's still work in progress at this moment
Example of new features:
-Bukkit/Vanilla/Remote server support
-Good backups
-Drag the GUI in a folder that contains already another miencraft server, it will work instantly
-Installer for new server
-Advanced player list, including player faces :)
-Good plugin manager
-Maybe Modloader, to get mods into your server

This page is always up to date:

For support, you can create a ticket at Bukkitdev, or reply here.




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Posted 14 June 2012 - 03:36 PM

This post is getting outdated...
http://dev.bukkit.or...mods/bukkitgui/ for up-to-date information.
(BukkitDev has the same login as minecraftforums)



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Posted 10 August 2012 - 09:11 PM

Since July 1th, the full version has been released.
It's a complete rewrite, resulting in a more stable, more powerfull, ad more efficient program.
You can run any java server (vanilla, bukkit, tekkit, Craftbukkit++,...) and connect to remote servers.
Bukkit plugins can be installed and managed from within the GUI, with a detailled view for each installed plugin (view all commands, permissions,...)
The new Task manager allows you to automate your server. Restart it when it crashes, stop - backup - start at time base, execute a program when someone joins.
Check out the bukkitDev page to see all cool features.
(login is the same as minecraftforums :) )



Posted 28 December 2012 - 11:29 PM

Hi, I'm a user of Bukkit GUI, ever since the update, my plugins have gone wacko
Here's the error



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Posted 29 December 2012 - 10:45 AM

"Error occurred while enabling GroupManager v2.0 (2.9.6) (Phoenix) (Is it up to date?)"
This means you updated bukkit, and this version of the plugin isn't compatible with the bukkit version. Either use another bukkit version, or update the plugin.

If you have more questions, please ask at http://dev.bukkit.or...mods/bukkitgui/
You can also use your curse account (the same as here on minecraftforums)



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Posted 13 December 2013 - 07:01 PM

1 year later, and a lot of things changed. To keep this topic updated for future reference:
Downloads: get.bertware.net/detail/bukkitgui

Info (bukkit forums, same curse login): View the post on bukkit
Problems? Please read the f.a.q. View frequently asked questions

Posted Image

What's new (in general, over 500 changes have been made the last year) :
  • The latest dev build can update installed plugins 100% correct (except for about 4% invalid plugins)
  • Port forwarding!
  • Better performance, stability and compatibility



Posted 16 April 2014 - 12:05 PM

I love BukkitGUI.  Here is a good tutorial: