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TF2 texture pack

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Posted 25 November 2010 - 03:01 PM

Hello everybody, Wingman here.

Much like the Team Fortress 2 Polycount contest, I've decided to make a thread showing my progression through the texture pack, and ask for feedback from all of you all the way. I do realize that somebody has already made a TF2 texture pack, but I have a completely different take on it.

I am planning on giving natural building materials (wood) a reddish hue, and industrial building materials (cobblestone, iron blocks, furnaces?) a blueish hue, matching the style of TF2. I do not want to disrupt the mood of Minecraft, and thus I will be trying to make all the textures as close to the original mine-craft style as possible (Not a painterly remake).

I will be offering 2 texture packs; one that only changes the texture.png file and one that changes virtually every file. I do not want to confuse anybody that just wants the texture with say, the demoman's bottle as a bucket. This brings me to my next objective: I want the basic texture pack to work as a normal one, and I want people who haven't played TF2 to be able to enjoy it.

I do not plan, either way, to change the ores, though I will change the stone background.

The rest of this will be a key to what standard items to what item in TF2.
[>>-i>] No change (Maybe rockets?, its just that the huntsman is already fitting...)
:chestfront: Resupply locker
:Bench: Dispenser
:Furnace: Need some help here...
:GP: Small Ammo pack
:Glass: Bullet proof glass
:Leaves: I think I'll just darken and alter the leaves a bit, no major changes.
:Logs^: Same with logs
  :SSSS: Creeper with a spy mask. Duh.
:Skeleton: Sniper
:Spider: Help? Maybe just a TF2 logo on its back?
:Zombie: Scout
:Frame: The posters I'll change to various things (RED team, BLU team, etc.), the frame will be standard
:bookshelf: Intel.
:brick: Darker, a bit worn, but still red brick
:stone: The cracked concrete/stone on well and other maps.
:_: Half a stone, maybe a lighter hue
:Notch: Blue, not sure what yet.
:grass: Darker, Grass most way down a side.
:mossystone: Mossy whatever I make normal cobblestone.
:obsidian: N/A (No change)
:--+: Glowing panel
:wood: Red wood
:tnt: Payload
:sand: N/A
(Steel Block) Corrugated steel stuff
(Gold Block) That brown roofing stuff, forgot what its called
(Cloth) N/A
(snow) make the snow a bit more puffy, like the roofs in viaduct
(Ice) No change
(Snow dirt) Same as grass, most way down, a bit more puffy.
(Cactus) No change probably
(Clay) Maybe a bit browner? Probably no change
(Reeds) No change
(Juke box) One of those control machines from 2 fort.
(Wood door) The do not open doors
(Steel Door) The doors with the metal grate at the bottom
(ladder) Dark wooden ladder, like the one on the hut in Dustbowl stage 1 point one, right outside blue spawn.
(redstone) Glowing Wires.
(Tilled soil) no change
(plants) Help, again?
(switch) a bit more basic, but mostly the same
(Redstone torch) Help?
(pumpkins) The explosive pumpkins.
(Hell stone) I won't change any of the hell materials
(Minecart tracks) Payload tracks.

I'll work on items later.

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    Zombie Killer

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Posted 25 November 2010 - 05:03 PM

wrong forum

but good luck



Posted 05 December 2010 - 02:10 AM

here use these skins

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Posted 05 December 2010 - 02:40 AM

Someone already made one. A fucking awesome one to be more exact.
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