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Minecraft mods list.

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  • Minecraft: zacman587

Posted 07 December 2011 - 05:59 AM

Hey guys this is going to be a list of Minecraft worlds and mods and other things to not only ones that i'm going to be putting up but ones that you tell me to put up. They can be or own or from anywhere else if you would like to add something please send me a email at [email protected]
Please nothing inappropriate rude or  Offense id like to keep this topic clean.

Cheers, zac  :)

Here some mods for you!

1. SDKS gun mod really awesome mod for 1.8.1 read up about it here http://www.minecraft...inally-updated/ that's all of the info you will need and here's the guy if you need any help installing it:

2.Sophisticated Wolves haven't played this one my self just yet but iv been reading about it sounds awesome here's some info and
you will find all the links you need:  
http://www.minecraft...ted-wolves-v15/ and the man do go to is
Once again SCmowns install is really easy but its always there if you need some help

There was a number 3 expect this guy had stolen the idea off Iwannawin great job on your mod Iwannawin obsidian tools
has made heaps more uses for obsidian which is perfect for people with lots of it.

Once again cheers,zac and.........
]GO SCMOWNS!  I do not own any of these mods because i'm bad at modding at they are made by awesomely smart people also GO metroidfood for creating Sophisticated Wolves you have made wolfs even more awesome.
GO SDK for SDKS gun mod it's just great running around with guns of all sort in minecraft.
GO all great modders for enhancing every ones minecraft experience.
I do NOT own any of these mods in any way i'm just some guy who wants to make a list of mods i like and other minecraft
players like if any of the modders who create these mods would like them to be removed please email me or contact me on these forums and i will remove them as soon as possible.

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