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[PARKOUR] Mirrors Edge

mirrors edge minecraft mirrors edge jump parkour map adventure

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 01:00 PM

basically guna copy all that i put on my PlanetMinecraft page

  • The basic idea of the main sections of the map is time trial, you get around the map following the course as fast as possible, on the course you can get slight variations of ways to go, some will be faster than others.
  • There are 3 jump areas to explore as well as a challange tower at the end
  • Please use this Texture Pack or it will look weird: http://www.mediafire...70ed8whseafrdyu
  • Play Parkour areas in Peacefull
  • The Start of each Part is a single redstone block (retextured to the mirrors edge symbol) next to a sign saying something like 'Part 1, Welcome to the City')
  • Start at: x303 y63 z-189
  • The Finish of each Part is a purple trim room with a group of redstone blocks, a chest and some beds inside it
  • In each Part you can collect Runner Bags (Books retextured) which reduce your finished time by 5 seconds (for that area, you can count them up in the purple room chests)
  • Some chests may contain other random stuff just for lulz~!
  • 'The Shard' is the giant building in the centre of the city, its a challange tower which should be played in easy mode or above
  • The video is an old version of the first part, but it is still pretty much the same
  • You may want to have a flymod like Zombe ready to use incase you fall and survive or start on the ground
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World Download

Texture Pack(it will look alot better with the texturepack and yes its changed bits of dokucraft >.>)

Recent Changes
25/05/2012 -
  • Added secret area at end (not so secret anymore)
  • altered texture pack
  • minor changers
27/04/2012 -
  • Uploaded updated version
  • Finished adding background buildings surrounding the main city
  • Finished shard, i think~ tell me if its too hard or too easy or bits need to be explained better
  • Finished jump sections with added bag chests
  • Texture pack updated, zombies are skinned as 'Blues' now Posted Image
25/04/2012 -
  • It is pretty much done!
  • All levels are made and the city is finished, adding background buildings and some of those 'secret' chests
  • The Shard is almost done, tweeks here and there, just need to retexture some mobs as well
  • Things to do: The background buildings over the rivers, secret chests along the routes that contain runner bags, change mobs textures, change some bits of The Shard.
09/02/2012 -
  • The Shard is pretty much finished, the dispensors dont dispense anything yet because its not minecraft 1.2 where mobs will pop out of them
  • 1 1/2 Parkour building bits remain to be built
  • Secret area added
  • Some TexturePack changes
03/03/2012 -
  • I forgot to update the shard for 1.2, so no mobs spawn in it yet, dispensors are all empteh :x
  • More parkourness was added, tiny area left to fill so it paths towards the shard

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 05:15 PM

I just played the map and i loved it (: you should continue!



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 05:14 PM

View PostKvakk12, on 05 December 2011 - 05:15 PM, said:

I just played the map and i loved it (: you should continue!

Thanks bro ;D and have done! more is up now on the new download (not complete but more is there :3), with a changed texturepack! sorry for being slow to reply xD



Posted 23 August 2012 - 05:24 AM

i cant get it on to minecraft): can you help me??


  • Minecraft: colin788

Posted 14 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

This is the best Parkour/adventure/epicness ever! nice job. I did a play-through on my channel of the map and it was great!



Posted 14 October 2012 - 07:51 PM

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