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KhrystCraft - Minecraft 1.0.0 Survival Server! (24/7,NO WHITELIST,Worldguard, Residence, Creeper Heal, iChat, and more!)

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  • Location: New Jersey
  • Minecraft: brbrespawning

Posted 29 November 2011 - 12:38 AM

Khryst's Survival Server is Back!

The Basic idea for this server is survival at it's best. Light weight and very few plugins offer protection and basic features while leaving the majority of the game Vanilla. On average we have anywhere from 3-10 players on at any time. We are not a whitelisted server so you can build from the start. PvP is currently off.

LWC (Chest and door locking)
WorldGuard (Regional Protection)
iChat (Lightweight chat modification)
Anti-Creeper (Creepers damage players but blocks - Same with TnT)
Essentials (/spawn /home /sethome /tpa commands)


Griefing = Instaban
We will not spawn items for you.
We will not set time for you.
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse to break them.
Annoying other players or staff = mute or ban.
Other than that have fun!

Website: http://lokiton.enjin.com/forum

Connection Info:

By the way I am a moderator on the server.
Follow my twitter - @hytrah
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