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[Surv.] Skyblock BATTLE

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Posted 23 November 2011 - 06:15 AM

Skyblock BATTLE!

so I took the idea of skyblock and created an arena for 4 players to race and compete for the treasure.
Use it on your server for some seriously competitive survival!

So now there are four skyblocks, each with its own flag and supplies. Four bonus blocks, which have cacti on them, and a skyblock in the centre which should be your first goal as it contains 10 obsidian! :o

For now, all my links to blogger pictures are missing :/ you can see pics of skyblock battle at www.windopain.blogspot.com till i get this sorted out.

the goals (these are in a spoiler because they are, well, spoilers.)
Download Skyblock battle 4 player  http://www.mediafire...d1581cifmq7m50m
Original skyblock survival by noobcrew. it is one of the greatest and most challenging maps there is, if you have not played it, i strongly reccomend it. you can get it here~http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/600254-surv-skyblock/

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