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(REQ) Backpack mod

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  • Minecraft: CASPER_1313

Posted 19 November 2011 - 05:25 AM

i was wondering if you could make this mod

Backpack mod [1.0.0]

ADDS: backpacks that you can wear on on the armor slot (or like you did with the shields mod and add its own GUI but that would just be a bit more trouble for you)

USE: when you put it on you can open it by pressing something like "B" and the back pack will open (only if equipped) and it has only 9 inventory. AND when you die and respawn you will still have the backpack on, with the items you put in it.

:Spider: = string
:Bacon: = leather
:Spider:  :Bacon:  :Spider:
:Spider:  :Bacon:  :Spider:
:Bacon: :Bacon: :Bacon:  

this mod can be used to go on epic adventures and you find something you dont want to loose.

i hope this is not to much to ask for! :)

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