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Free cPanel Web Hosting - For MC Communities.

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 03:24 PM

Hey guys, we have recently started a smaller website hosting plan which is free in order to help the smaller Minecraft communities grow. The specifications on the plan are small, but when running a small website you don't need to have a beefy website plan. With this you can upgrade anytime to any other packages (smallest is $2.95, largest is $9.95, all prices USD).

The hosting lasts for 90 days for the pure fact that I don't want to hand monitor all of the free hosts and make sure they're using their hosting. This plan does not come with support either, that being said, if it comes to the end of your 90 day period, post a support ticket to have it extended.

I don't have a domain, how can I get hosting?
Don't fret, there are plenty of free domain TLD's out there (in the below example, we'll be using http://domain.co.cc)

How to get a free domain with .co.cc
1) Direct your browser to http://domain.co.cc
2) Once there you will see a box that says www. [textbox] .co.cc (Figure 1.0)
3) Type in the domain of your choice (for this example I'll be using "myvortexwebsite.co.cc").
4) Once you have found one that you desire, find another one because the one you desire is most likely taken (this is a joke).
5) Click on the Continue to registration page and then click "Create an account now >>" (Figure 1.1)
6) Once on that page, you will be presented with a registration form, fill out all of the necessary details and then click the

"Continue" button. (Figure 1.2).
7) Once you've filled out all of the forms, you will be presented with the login form again, login with the details you placed in that

8) Once you've logged in you will see this page (Figure 1.3), click on the Set up button (and then click it again, for some reason).
9) Now we should be in the Manage Domain section, now we need to setup the nameservers, click on "1. Name Server (DNS)" (Figure 1.4)
10) After the page has loaded you should see two boxes labeled "Name Server 1" and "Name Server 2", in these boxes enter

11) Now that you've done that, the "domain.co.cc" page is no longer needed, you can close it if you want, or keep looking around.

Figure 1.0:
Posted Image

Figure 1.1:
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Figure 1.2:
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Figure 1.3:
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Figure 1.4:
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Figure 1.5:
Posted Image

After you've done all that you're ready for the signup, click on the link below.

Enter the domain you just register OR a .com domain you have purchased from another registar. Just follow the prompts and you should be good to go. BE SURE TO ENTER A REAL EMAIL - IT IS WHERE YOUR DETAILS GET SENT

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