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COOP SERVER (survival, custom maps, etc)

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  • Minecraft: koolest444

Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:34 PM

Hello, have you ever thought to yourself 'i would love to join someone in a map adventure' Well your in luck!

I am Evolutionofl, you can check out my videos i have previously made at  youtube.com/EvolutionofL

Reason im posting this on server instead of recruiting for series is that I might not want to record, with lag and such, so there are some requirements if you wanna join me in some coop.
1. Have a skype, It be easier to talk to others with it
2. (optional) have a hamachi for easier gameplay, if you don't i wont make you get one.
3. YOU MUST AND REALLY MUST HAVE FUN, i wont allow unfun people to join!
4. (also optional) if you want to do a custom map, post link to one you want to play, i will check it out and message you if its good enough
5. (so many optionals) recording it is good, it will lag up a little, but oh well, if you want to record just post M1g67
6. age, tell age
7. i can't record to much in a server, its to laggy, even if it is mine.

now i will need an application, so here is what it should look like

IGN:(in game name)
Custom map?:

Thanks and hope to get some good apps .
(note if you dont get a message the next day, you might get one in the future, so don't lose this topic.)


I might choose more then one person for the server, so be aware.

Edit 2

I won't decide anyone today, but tomarrow i will message one of you to join me.

Edit number 3

I would like to do a coop map today (29th) so putting in a coop map you  would like to play will improve your odds.
Join for the adventurmicing!

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Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:42 PM

IGN: BoinnK

Age: 14

Skype: Yes. Add TrentonStep. ( Im On Atm )

Hamachi: Yes.

Custom map?: Im good for them.

recording?: Yes. good cpu 8gb ram dual core processor Amd Tower. Upgrading to a GTX 560I GFX card. :)

Additional Info: Im kind of immature. xD. hope tis not a problem i love having fun though. and i can record minecraft with 0 lag. depending if my connection is being gay or not. hope to see you soon!



Posted 27 October 2011 - 08:43 PM

Custom map?:i like them but i dont have any i want
recording?:can if you want
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