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[1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs

body body parts parts transform change female male kid round boobs

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Poll: What should be done in order to make this mod better (2008 member(s) have cast votes)

Have you tried this mod and why?

  1. Yes, because it makes a clear distinction between male and female (495 votes [16.54%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.54%

  2. Yes, because it looks good (376 votes [12.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.57%

  3. Yes, for the laughs (567 votes [18.95%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.95%

  4. No, but I might try it eventually (615 votes [20.55%])

    Percentage of vote: 20.55%

  5. No, I think it's a useless mod (147 votes [4.91%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.91%

  6. No, there are betters mods (100 votes [3.34%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.34%

  7. No, I find this mod innapropriate, offensive (91 votes [3.04%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.04%

  8. No, absolutely not, and shame on you for making this mod (75 votes [2.51%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.51%

  9. I've tried but I've removed it right away (33 votes [1.10%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.10%

  10. I've downloaded it but it doesn't work (73 votes [2.44%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.44%

  11. Yes! and you are awesome man! (268 votes [8.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.96%

  12. No! and I wish you dead! (88 votes [2.94%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.94%

  13. No, because of a conflict with another mod. Specify which one (64 votes [2.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.14%

Variations and additions

  1. Waist shape ) ( (721 votes [14.09%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.09%

  2. Bouncy butts (953 votes [18.63%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.63%

  3. Rounded shoulders (386 votes [7.54%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.54%

  4. Arms and Legs (402 votes [7.86%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.86%

  5. Wings (angels and demons) (650 votes [12.71%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.71%

  6. Male boobs (muscles) (300 votes [5.86%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.86%

  7. Male sack (option rejected, against rules) (285 votes [5.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.57%

  8. Others - specify within a reply (150 votes [2.93%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.93%

  9. Hairstyle (like a ponytail) (540 votes [10.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.56%

  10. Hats (xmas hat, witch hat) (324 votes [6.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.33%

  11. Tails (animal-like tails) (405 votes [7.92%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.92%

I'm using this mod and I AM A...

  1. MAN (694 votes [26.21%])

    Percentage of vote: 26.21%

  2. WOMAN (255 votes [9.63%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.63%

  3. TEENAGER (740 votes [27.95%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.95%

  4. CREATURE FROM DIMENSION X (959 votes [36.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 36.22%

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:14 PM


Not Just About Boobs  (aka Add Female Players & Zombies, aka AddBoobs) by NewColeco

This mod was first made to add breasts and breast physics to female players and zombies. Now this mod is more elaborated, with various body parts to select for each one of your friends and for yourself. You can even change the name tag above the head of your friends to roleplay various characters, including your favorite Minecraft stars. Part of the breast physics gives a nice breathing effect in my opinion. Zombies and players are considered female only on the client side. My algorithm attributes gender male or female depending on the player's username (which is not scientific at all but it's just for the laugh), and on random 50% chance for the zombies. The gender is only suggestive based on the skin texture and the body parts used, no weird algorithm to set a gender.

In response to the multiple attacks, a quote from a woman who helped me with this mod : "I only see this mod as adressing a gender-inequality issue in the game. In the real world, about half of the people are women (factually, even more women than men) and it's only proper to have female zombies aswell as male ones and female forms on players where applicable. (With appropriate voice styles.) - Andoryn"

Disclaimer : Not responsible if you corrupt your Minecraft.jar file by mixing multiple mods in it.








This is what is affected (replaced) by "Not Just About Boobs" mod for Minecraft 1.0

This is what is affected (replaced) by "Female Players and Zombies" mod for Minecraft beta 1.8.3


Thanks to my friends who helped me by posing for the screenshot and the multiple tests while tweaking the code (a lot of trial and error). AcidBurnShell, Andoryn, Frogziller, Legislatrice, StrictlySega, ZombieMonkey, DeepFriedFUNK and CyberDecker.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:15 PM

LOL I want this.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:15 PM

What is this? I don't even...
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:15 PM

How did you think off this?



Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:15 PM

LOL thats so wonderfully strange
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:15 PM

Zombies look abit weird with it .-.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:16 PM

Make them bounce! :D
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:16 PM

wow, that made my day XD
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:17 PM

Hehehe, that made me laugh!  :lol:
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:19 PM

Best mod ever!!!

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:20 PM

View PostUsukuragari, on 09 October 2011 - 08:16 PM, said:

Make them bounce! :D
breast physics IS implemented. :)


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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:25 PM

bigger nuff said
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  • Minecraft: XDraviteX

Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:25 PM

That is win hahaha.

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  • Minecraft: Knight44644

Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:26 PM

Zombie, tits or gtfo.



Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:28 PM

There was a mod out like this a while ago just better. Just saying.
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owen thecool
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:42 PM

lol. Somehow, in a strange way, this mod is gonna get VERY VERY popular! Make it so you can get milk by using a bucket without pointing at anything, and you can get Zombie milk from Zombehs!
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:44 PM

Oh...I really hope this doesn't become like Tesnexus. Think my heart sank a bit...

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  • Minecraft: sorax207

Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:44 PM

my user name is sorax207 and when log in and press f5 the boobs are on her shoulders


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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:47 PM

Bigger!?  What are you thinking!?  We need bigger boobs for enjoyment!!!
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:53 PM

View Postsuperminer64, on 09 October 2011 - 08:44 PM, said:

my user name is sorax207 and when log in and press f5 the boobs are on her shoulders
That's interesting.. is it all the time or sometimes? If you can, please do a screen capture.