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treasures/decorations in dungeon chests

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 09:58 PM

one thing i think would be interesting is to find treasure in the dungeon chests to decorate your house/fortress/base/whatever. i know we can find rare items like apples and records in them, but they are extremely rare to find... (found 4-5 dungeons and mostly got buckets, wheat, bread and pig saddles).
here is what i think that could be found in them:

1) statuettes (maybe depicting the different mobs of minecraft. id love a golden creeper statuette XD)

2) rare paintings (basically have a unique painting on it that is otherwise un available)

3) ancient armour/weapons (for display only, or have very low hp)

4) musical instruments?

and so on
what do you guys think?
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