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The Robinson-Crusoe Syndrome

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  • Location: Germany
  • Minecraft: AresiusKyron

Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:48 AM

Alright, this one has been in my head since I wandered through one map, in one direction for 3 game-days (set on Peaceful, I wanted to see beyond the starting points direct neighbourhood). I pretty much had the most stuff I wanted. A fine mountain-home, with 5 rooms, a farm, a spa, a swimming pool, and so forth. I had plenty of company; cows, pigs, chickens... One day I found a pig had spawned inside the store-room, deep inside my mountain-home and was looking at me rather dumbfounded - a look I must have mirrored, wondering how that came in.

I had everything. Well almost, next up would've been a railroad-system so I can travel around easier. But I didn't felt like digging around miles below surface right now. So I was wandering around and found that there are some nice islands, more sweet mountains, more deserts, more forests. But that's it.
From the looks of it, I am the only being on this .. well, let's call it planet (I don't count the mobs as beings, they aren't even sentient).
I am the effing king of this world. But I doubt the animals and plants will obey me, so what's the use of being the ruler of the world when there is no one to command?

So, my thought is, what if we're not the only sentient lifeform there? What if there's another human? What if we suddenly run across a freshly build hovel that was not there at some earlier time (and one where you can tell that it's not a part of an NPC-village)? I'm talking about another minecrafter (but played by the computer) that we can interact with.
50/50 chance it's of the other gender so this world can get (re)populated. That would add a whole new magnitude of meaning, purpose, and possible additions to craftable items and stuff to the game and make it even more fascinating.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to turn or degrade into some kind of pixellised dating-sim or stuff! I just want it to have more depth. Because what do you do, when you have literally everything? You're done, there's nothing you can do except a few rehauls, but even they will only be a temporal thing and then you have a world where you have everything you can get and that's it.

So, my suggestion (to finally get there):
-Allow the world to be "populated" by another being (if you're into the idea to repopulate the world then let the other being be female).
-Spawn the other one far enough away so that they won't meet for the next couple of game-months.
-Have it be a full AI that also builds, with an own building style, own way of exploring, mining and all that.
-Enable them to meet at some point in time and get to gether to reproduce.
-Add furniture-items for this matter. Cradle, playpen, a double-sized bed, etc...

-Speaking of it, how about a couch or a chair. So far I'm using "stairs"-tiles and imagine them to sit Japanese-style on them, but that's another matter...

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    Blaze Extinguisher

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Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:50 AM

This is neat in concept, but far too complicated to be added to the base game.  It'd be very taxing on most people's computers, and incredibly time-consuming to code.

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    Lapis Lazuli Collector

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Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:54 AM

That's exactly why people play multiplayer mode...because when you have build everything and don't get new inspiration by yourself, Minecraft might get boring.

But your idea isn't bad either!
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  • Location: Croatia

Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:58 AM

Well, I heard that Notch planned adding npcs in villages. But you are asking for too much. Meybe if the world has spawned a house for that Npc to live in. And of course Npc villages.
But to see that Npc build... Well... I dont think that Notch can make that. Or enyone from Mojang. Your ideas are great. But hardly possible.
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Jimbo Jambo

Posted 22 September 2011 - 03:00 PM

I actually like being the only human, it makes me feel like a colonist on a wild frontier. If and when NPCs are added, I should hope they'd be pigmen or something.


  • Minecraft: Poodleinacan

Posted 22 September 2011 - 04:57 PM

If they start reproducing...... I can't imagine what would happen next.... (they would claim lots of lands for themselves.)


  • Location: Germany
  • Minecraft: AresiusKyron

Posted 22 September 2011 - 11:37 PM

Well, it doesn't have to be literally seeing them build something. It may just be See the one day, see them the next day and they have done something. Building is, IMHO, not so hard as you only need an extra template that the active NPC needs to adhere to. So this character then simply also has recipees on how to make a house, a mine, a farm, etc, such stuff.
I wouldn't prefer it, but NPCs can be given an "unlimited" inventory of the ressources that are needed to build stuff.

Now, claiming land is not entirely true. For one, if it's just me and the other one, then there is little to no point in claiming one piece or the other, because there is more than enough room to begin with.
And then again, we don't die in the game. We just respawn; but there's no age-limit. So theoretically, we could live to see our great-great-great-grandchildren give birth...
So why don't we set the same growth-stop on offspring. Let them grow to a certain age/state/size and then they stop growing at all.

Let's say there are three stages:
Infant, Child, Teen (after that we would have the Grownup which the player and the "wife" are).
Infant is the baby as it is born until it'd be about 5 or 6 and it's just a half block tall.
Child is bigger, age 6 or 7 to about 13 or 14 and it's about one block high.
Teen is again bigger, age 14 or 15 until adulthood (which it won't reach) and it's about one and a half block tall.
Now, while I know it's fun to see them growing up (I may not be father yet, but having raised my godchild for a half year with all the ups and downs gives me enough experience to know what a delight they can be), it might be necessary to fix the kids age/size to a deciding factor.

Let's say you can have a maximum of 3 children.
If you have one, it stays an infant and won't grow bigger than that.
If you get another kid, it will be an Infant and the first one will grow into a Child.
If you get a third kid, this one will be the new Infant, the Second one will become a Child and the third will become a Teen.
That way, they won't "claim" land and make some crap like going to war with eachother (ugh, whent he kids fight against eachother, then you really have done something wrong.  :lol: ).

I admit that my term "repopulate" might have been misleading, I just meant repopulate as in "make sure you're not alone anymore".