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The Flylands V1.0

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  • Minecraft: turbulosus

Posted 09 September 2011 - 09:41 PM

Welcome to the Flylands!
Posted Image
In this strange world, you're greeted with 5 floating islands, each one holding fabulous prizes! But there's a secret hiding beneath the shaky foundations; can you discover the keys within the hidden chambers to unlock the secret of the fabled onyx chamber?
Posted Image
This map is a pseudo-adventure; you have a mission, should you choose to accept, but the conventional rules of adventure maps need not apply here; break any block, craft, and do anything you want (you'll need to construct bridges to the islands, anyways)! I tried to design the onyx chamber to be fool-proof, but I'm not perfect, so if you find a way to cheat the system, lemme know!

V1.0: link

Here's the initial showcase. It's outdated, but still informative:

and here's a video I made recently, signifying it's release:

-The tree generator in MCedit is a little wonky, so some trees end up as thus
-Some water blocks are inactive

Notch, for minecraft
TrynePlague on youtube, for is brilliant floating islands tutorial
CodeWarrior, for MCedit


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