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Why isnt my minecraft skin showing up on single player?

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Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:48 PM

I was playing single player and i noticed the default skin was on my minecrafter, i checked my skin page: http://minecraft.net...r=tomloadsadosh and its still the skin i changed it to. Why isnt it showing up in single player?
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Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:50 PM

hmm maybe it takes time for the server to update? idk I've never used skin i see no point cause i don't use F5

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Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:52 PM

I'd also like to know, I have my skin disappearing mid-game so suddenly (imagines HIM taking off my skin and running away, now that would be cool)



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Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:55 PM

Try playing online first? It worked for me. (Like in browser)


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Posted 24 October 2010 - 04:07 PM

Your skin is stored on the minecraft webpage. When your game loses connection the the internet/minecraft.net gets attacked, it also loses the skin preferences, making the game having to switch to the regular skin.
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