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[HELP] How do i make an arrow go straight and not curve AND shoot 2 arrows instead of one[HELP]

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:10 AM

how do i make a bow shoot an arrow straight and not curve and make it shoot 2 arrows not 1?

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:11 AM

you dont?
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  • Minecraft: bulletfingrz

Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:12 AM

you can't its the law of physics what goes up must come down and if you want to shoot more than one arrow then you have to click faster!



    Zombie Killer

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:13 AM

you can't...
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Posted 09 August 2011 - 06:14 AM

you can, you will have to be good at coding thoe, or try and get a coder from Aether or Mo Creeps and Weirdo's developer to give you their code for taking the physics out.
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Posted 09 August 2011 - 03:13 PM

I KNOW you can make an arrow go streaght i did it but it messed with other files COmon people




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Posted 09 August 2011 - 03:23 PM

might i add that the aether mod already has such a thing as shooting an arrow totally straight?



Posted 09 August 2011 - 03:40 PM

yes i know i tried using its code but having trouble