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Avatar's Pandora Texture Pack and Mod

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 10:07 AM

Been searching around and I can't believe no one has tackled a texture pack for the beautiful world of Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar. I'll go over some ideas I have for a texture pack and mods for Pandora, and hopefully one of you wonderful artists and modders will take on the challenge.

Texture Pack:
Terrain similar to Earth, but more filled with greens, blues and purples for vegetation.
Mobs need to be changed to look more Pandora-like. Most animals on Pandora were blue, green and purple. Though wolves could be changed to a black color to resemble viper wolves from the movie. Could even change zombies to look like human soldiers and/or skeletons to look like hostile navi. (just some ideas)
Sky would need to be changed to resemble the Pandora sky.
(would also be nice if it was an HD pack :P )

The most memorable thing about Pandora is how fluorescent the world becomes at night. Would be wonderful if a modder and texture artist (or someone who does both) could work together to bring Pandora to life. (think glowstone)
Pandora mobs would be a great addition, some can't be replicated by a simple texture design. For example a Banshee, which is the flying mount would be amazing to have.

Anyways I'm not trying to micromanage this texture pack/mod, just wanted to throw some ideas out. As I am not a texture pack artist nor a modder, it will be up to someone else to step up and get the ball rolling to make this happen.

If someone is interested in working on this project and is either not familiar with the Pandora world or just wants some direction in its development as far as the ideas go, feel free to message me or simply reply in this thread.

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