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Buxville - as seen on Notch' twitter! [new Hardware!]

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:07 AM

Posted Image

Hey all, we're a group of mature gamers running a fully featured SMP Minecraft server. We have a stable base of reliable admins and mods and are always looking for more players to expand our awesome community!

:iapprove: Notch shout-out @ Buxville: http://twitter.com/#...885855437430784  :goldore:

:Iron:  :Iron:  :Iron:  Server info  :Iron:  :Iron:  :Iron:
MC address: buxville.net (use this to connect to Buxville in your MC client!)
Player capacity: 72 (easily reached during peak hours)

Website: http://www.buxville.net
Forums: http://forum.buxville.net
Chatbox: http://www.buxville.net and hit Chat for a popup version)
Status feed: http://twitter.com/DukeJoy

View of the current 3D map: http://buxville.net/3Dmap/ (with Live player tracking!)
View of the current 2D map: http://buxville.net/2Dmap/
Annotated map of Buxville City: http://i.imgur.com/8tWcC.png (a bit outdated)

- Intel Core i7-980X Processor (Extreme Edition), Hexacore, 12 MB smart-cache
- 24 GB DDR3 RAM
- 1 Gigabit, 24/7, multi-backbone super-duper interconnects
- Running custom configured Java JVM, optimized for Minecraft
- Highly optimized Unix server, blazing speed!
- 3x SSD raid0 storage.

Full info on our unique hardware & software setup.

MC Info
- Running latest Alpha server
- Hey0 server mod
- Hey0 plugins for various features
- Regular backups and nightly map generation (view online)
- Whitelist

:Blue:  :wood:  :tnt:  Currency and trading  :SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS:

Buxville server has a plugin that provides a way to track a real currency ingame at all times. This currency (we lovingly call it Bux) is used to pay for materials, products, teleports, perks and so on. This currency is really involved in everything that happens on Bux.

There are plenty player run shops in Buxville, mostly run by people from the Trader Caste (see below). They get special perks and features which allows them to sell products to the City, and even buy products from the City. They are thus an ideal middleman to sell your spare materials to, and make yourself some early Bux!

:SSSS: Supply & Demand  :SSSS:
The Buxvilly City shop which Traders can use to buy and sell materials has dynamic pricing based on supply & demand. The shop automatically and immediately increases the value of materials and items when they are being bought from the shop, and decreases the value when people are selling their wares to the city. This creates an awesome dynamic economy. Smart people can play the market and get rich, cunning players will try to stockpile materials until prices rise again.

Best now get on and introduce our main feature, the Castes, before I have to mention them again without presenting them first ;)

:SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS:  Buxville Castes system  :SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS:

In Buxville everyone is a Miner and a Builder, after all, that is what Minecraft is about, so there's little restrictions on either of those activities.

In addition to allowing people to mine and build as much as they like in the Wild (more about that later), Buxville also comes with a highly advanced and unique Castes system. This has been specially designed for and by the Buxville staff. There are 3 main Castes: Traders, Constructors and Politicians. However there are many more roles included in those Castes than just the ones mentioned, so keep reading.

Everyone starts out ranked a Peasant, without any Caste. You will need to make your first Bux working for others, mining materials to sell to a shopper, transport goods around, you name it. Once you have made enough Bux to join a Caste, you have a decision to make!

With every rank you go up in your Caste, you unlock new roles, new abilities and new perks. Not to mention more respect within your Caste and Buxville, and sometimes a shiny new chat color as well ;)

More perks, features and ranks will be added to the system over time. I have only added condensed Caste information here, or this post would become huge. Best check the links added for each Caste for the full and up to date information on each Caste.

:SSSS: Construction Caste :SSSS:
Responsible for: Building, Zoning, Reclaiming, Demolition, Special installations, Infrastructure, Flora.

Players in this Caste are efficient builders, can reclaim stale constructions or abandoned lots (with TNT!), can install complex installations, build roads, maintain flora, and provide zoning protection to other players in the Wild.

Detailed and up-to-date information on the Construction Caste.

Rank 1 - Tradesman
Rank 2 - Foreman
Rank 3 - Contractor
Rank 4 - Architect
Rank 5 - Visionary
Rank 6 - Genius

:Blue: Trading Caste :Blue:
Responsible for: Buying, Selling, Gambling, Auctions, Banking, Loans.

Players from the Trading caste function as lottery or gambling facilitators, they run shops to buy and sell to others, and have the ability to use the global shop, thereby being able to even accept less valuable materials to sell on through to Buxville itself. In summary, these people are the center of the Buxville economy, if you enjoy trading above all, this is your Caste!

Detailed and up-to-date information on the Trader Caste.

Rank 1 - Hussler
Rank 2 - Vendor
Rank 3 - Merchant
Rank 4 - Mogul
Rank 5 - CEO
Rank 6 - President

:Red: Political Caste :Red:
Responsible for: Politics, Guiding, Teaching, Ruling, Voting, Punishing, Travel, Guarding.

A variety of different roles are filled by the players in the Political Caste. Lower ranked players guide new players and answer questions, higher ranked players have a big influence on the world by being able to start votes, teleport players around, gain unique combat bonuses, and so on! If you enjoy interacting with a lot of different players, helping and applying rules, this could be your Caste!

Detailed and up-to-date information on the Political Caste.

Rank 1 - Intern
Rank 2 - Teacher
Rank 3 - Regent
Rank 4 - Senator
Rank 5 - Consul
Rank 6 - Ambassador

:SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS: Quests, projects & contests   :SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS:

:iapprove: Random quests  :D
Buxville features a player-run random quest system. At any time during your stay on Buxville, you, and all other players online may be called upon to accomplish a specific goal set by the Mayor. These are randomly fun and quite rewarding!

- The Mayor's daughter is in distress over losing her wedding ring, whichever player rushes a diamond block to the Mayor's house first is rewarded with 200 Bux!
- The Mayor is expecting important guests today and is organising a festive dinner. He will need 20 baked breads. Each baked break delivered will be worth 50 Bux!
- And so on :)

:log:  Projects  :log:
Projects are special quests which generally last over a longer period than the above mentioned quests we generally have online. Usually, a project will reward several people, seeing they can often not be complete alone.

- Citizen Dedded is constructing a massive Snowman somewhere in Bux (Buxworld = Bux). Every FULL stack of SNOW blocks delivered to Dedded will be worth 50 Bux. When 20 stacks have been collected, the project is complete!

:SSSS: Contests  :SSSS:
Buxville frequently organizes contests. These contests will allow a number of players to show of their skills. The contest can be for a building the City needs. For example, the assignment could be to build a Casino. Several contest areas are then assigned for this contest.

At the end of determined period, a winner will be chosen by a committee or an organizer. Contestants use their own materials, and time can be limited, so contests are a great way to stimulate the trade of materials. You generally will not have time to build and mine everything yourself if you want to win!

Extended info on Buxville Contests: http://forum.buxvill...php/73-Contests

   :SSSS:  :SSSS:  :SSSS:    Misc features   :SSSS:  :o  :(


Everyone on Buxville has access to the /cast command. Basically the Magic system is a list of spells, which are not assign to people by giving them command access, but by learning them from a Spellbook.

What is a spellbook? A spellbook is basically a Bookcase charged with a magical spell. When a player right-clicks a magical bookcase, it will display a message that you have learned a new spell. Apart from bookcases, spells can also be manually taught to players by a powered admin. We will introduce different ways to learn these spells, by hiding Bookcases on the map, by holding auctions or contests, anything is possible really!

Extended info on Buxville Magic: http://forum.buxvill... ... que-spells!


Stargates allow travel between gates within one network on Buxville. There is a network connecting Towns, but you must first rank up your town to get a Stargate rewarded. In the future, high ranked Construction Caste members will be able to build their own Stargate network, or sell them for big Bux!

Posted Image

Nothing is free, especially when you travel through the stars, Bux are automatically charged upon activating a gate.


Higher ranked players from the Construction Caste can build a cauldron. There are several unique and rare items which can be crafted in these Cauldrons. You do this by actually placing a pattern of blocks in the Cauldron, then activating it with a flick of the mouse, and *poof*, your crafting is done!

Posted Image

More info on our Cauldrons: http://forum.buxvill... ... -Cauldrons


Make it easy to go from level to level with this nifty elevator. Anyone can build and install them in their own home:

Posted Image

Light Switches

This will toggle on the lights in the area on/off (about 10 units away, 5 units up/down). Just make a wall sign with the second line as :|: and have a torch above the sign.

Posted Image


Make easy bridges! Just put three blocks in a row, put a sign on top (facing the way of the crossing) with [Bridge] as the second line, and do the same thing on the other side (with the sign facing back). Right click the sign to toggle the bridge.

Posted Image
Posted Image


Buxville has two types of lotteries:

/raffle - Everyone, cost 5 sponges: a lot of nothing, a few grand prizes, a few unique items.
/tombola (/tom) - Traders only, cost: 512 cobble, 256 dirt, mixed prize pool.

Further more, many players run their own Casino!

:Ham:  :Ham:  :Ham:  Cities, Towns and the Wild  :Ham:  :Ham:  :Ham:

There are two main zones in Buxworld.

:DORE: Buxville   :DORE:

The main central city of Buxworld. A big area around it is also part of it. Building and mining in this zone is restricted to City Staff. However, it is possible to rent a piece of land in Buxville, which then becomes yours for a weekly fee.

There are different lot sizes and locations to rent, with different pricing. Any lot you rent will become protected and other players are not able to destroy or build on your lot! To rent a lot, you simply contact someone

  :_:  Towns   :_:

In Buxville, players are able to start a new town with a group of players. These towns feature automated protection. Players can become official residents of towns, thereby automatically extending the protected territory of the town! The elected Mayor will have the ability to decide where the Town expands, and Towns will gain special benefits like a Teleporter to Buxville, a seat in a Bux Council (to be formed) and other things we can think of.

For an idea how Town expansion looks like on a Grid, check the image below. You can see the red, yellow and purplish towns have a number of blocks that belong to them on the grid. Those blocks are protected. As soon as the Town gains more residents, they will be able to claim more blocks!

Posted Image

More information on our Towns: http://forum.buxvill...ay.php/44-Towns

:tnt: The Wild :tnt:

Anything that is not Buxville belongs to the wild! You are totally free to build and mine in this huge zone. There is plenty to discover and create. However, the server rules still apply.

If you want, you can request protection for any outdoor build location to prevent griefing. This is not required, and comes with a one-time fee of 100 Bux.

Posted Image

:( Map regeneration and dynamic border expansion  :(

There are a few huge zones on the map that are deemed and marked as dedicated Mining zones. You are allowed to build and mine in those zones, however, every X days, these areas are completely cut out of the map, giving them a chance to regenerate fresh and new resources.

Bux has a virtual border. Players are not able to pass this border. However, this border is totally dynamic, and once every while, we will keep expanding the border to keep, there is always more to explore and discover!

:VV:  :VV:  :VV:  Sweet, how do I join already?  :VV:  :VV:  :VV:

Do you want to join the Buxville community? Are you already having troubles deciding which Caste is better or more fun? ;)

If you'd like to get on Buxville, please reply to this thread with the following information:

- IGN (in-game name)
- Caste you're interested in most (read up)
- Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit)

Note: it can take minutes, hours, or at sometimes a night to be whitelisted, depending on how busy I am. If you can't wait, then read the next section regarding donating.

:Zombie:  :DBlock:  :Green: Become a Buxville donor for instant access   :Bench:  :....:  :Lava:

A donation puts your IGN in my mailbox, and I usually add those immediately. Donating has other advantages as well, click the link below for more information.  :RFlower:

=================> http://www.buxville.net/donate.html <=================
I run: http://www.buxville.net/ (status) | Donate for perks. | Notch approved!

We actively participate in the MC SMP global bannning system. Join up!

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:10 AM

A few of the creations on Buxville

The Town of Atomium:

Posted Image

Dragon (contest entry):

Posted Image

Buxville College (under construction):

Posted Image

The Duke's Court in Buxville (really needs to be visited to witness the beauty):

Posted Image

Heaven & Hell (contest entry):

Posted Image
I run: http://www.buxville.net/ (status) | Donate for perks. | Notch approved!

We actively participate in the MC SMP global bannning system. Join up!



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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:12 AM

- IGN: lemongt
- Profession you're interested in (read up): warlock
- Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): both, I suppose.  Knowing how I play, I'm likely to set up a mine/house a little outside city limits
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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:13 AM

- geistdeskrieg

- World Builder

- Buxville



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:15 AM

I meant World Planner, sorry.



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:17 AM



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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:19 AM

Sounds like an awesome server, and tons of fun! My IGN is "SinfulBanana", and I'd like to be a Warlock. I will also be spending most of my time in the wild, if that is allowed for Warlocks. (I would definitely enjoy occasionally visiting Buxville.
Posted Image
Hey, I'm new here.


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  • Minecraft: SINfullyKMD
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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:20 AM

- IGN: SINfullyKMD
- Profession you're interested in (read up): Warlock
- Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): Both, I like to be almost free, but i would like a city home just for me :iapprove:


  • Location: Missouri
  • Minecraft: dist7action

Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:21 AM

- IGN = Dist7action
- Miner and city trader
- Buxville

Minecraft Alpha-Knight Since May 2010
Posted Image
Posted Image



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:26 AM

IGN: PowerUp217
Desired profession: Shopkeeper
Buxville or The Wild?: Well I would prefer the wild, but if you want shopkeepers to be inside the city that's fine too


  • Location: Derp Town, Ohio

Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:30 AM

-Infrastructure & big picture
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image




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  • Minecraft: Undie

Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:33 AM


My in game name is Undie and I've been playing Minecraft for quite some time now (since before the infdev/indev branch) and I've followed the development of Minecraft closely.

I would love to take part in the development of Buxville! I find Land Lord the most interesting for me and I definitely believe I have what it takes to fulfill the task needed of me. I guess with that said I'm mostly interested in Buxville rather than the wilds but both sounds appealing and I just hope that I can build the houses/rooms/whatever I then lease (in the city). I've been looking for a fresh-starting SMP server I could be a part of and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.

I am extremely interested in the economy system you are using and can't wait to hear from you!

An interesting idea for an economy:
Economy Info Picture



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  • Minecraft: Wh0pp3r

Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:34 AM

- IGN: Wh0pp3r
- Profession you're interested in (read up): Possibly a World Planner where I just help build roads/tracks/etc. I want to adjust to the world first and see what I'd like to do
- Buxville or the Wild, or both? (read up if you missed this bit): Explore Buxville for an hour or so, then maybe possibly head out to set up some sort of outpost =)

Question: Is this just seeing who's interested or is this an application for whitelisting? (In other words: Is the server open?)
IGN is Wh0pp3r



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:36 AM

IGN - asturdydesk

Job - Whatever is needed honestly

Zone - Either, building is building.



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:37 AM

IGN: Timofmars
Profession: World Planner (possibly shopkeeper)
Location: Both


  • Location: Florida,USA
  • Minecraft: Lolanthyer

Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:37 AM

IGN lolanthyer

I would love to be a shopkeeper

buxville and wild
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    Out of the Water

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:40 AM

IGN Vaint
Profession you're interested in city trader
Buxville or the Wild, or both? buxville because that is were my job would be.



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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:42 AM

IGN- stew9703
occupation - World planner
placing: Both
I plan to build small enemy safe houses for the people the wild, using floating way points to signify where they are, and a pork factory from an enemy spawner to provide pork to stores for selling and the economy. I would also be willing to offer safe points in the wild that kill enemies that are chasing the person who is inside. If needed i could also build one nearby each portal exit untill a safer area is built.



Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:49 AM

IGN: MrEyebrows
Job: Storekeeper
Buxville or wild: Both.



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Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:56 AM

A little peak at our bank with secure vault storage :P

Posted Image
I run: http://www.buxville.net/ (status) | Donate for perks. | Notch approved!

We actively participate in the MC SMP global bannning system. Join up!