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How To Get Better FPS Results For Windows 7

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Craig Riches
  • Location: Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • Minecraft: PythonGB

Posted 20 July 2011 - 03:22 PM

So, you have Windows 7 and discovered that Minecraft doesn't run as smoothly on it as Windows XP, or some other operating system, which runs at a much higher FPS. You want to try and get better Frames Per Second (FPS) from running Minecraft in Windows 7, so what do you do? Well, I have tried these exact steps. And from before to after, I gained well over 40 FPS, a very noticeable difference. I will probably post some pictures so I don't seem like I'm lying! :)

Here's my FPS BEFORE I took out the steps below:
Posted Image

--> Firstly, make sure your graphics settings are at the minimum of the minimum, something like this...
Posted Image
--> Secondly, if you are using Windows Aero on Windows 7, DON'T use it. I turned off Aero and simply used the "Windows 7 Basic" theme and that gained me around 30 FPS straight off! :)
Posted Image
--> Thirdly, you can gain some more FPS and play around with even more graphics settings by using the OptiFog & Optimine Mod, which you can download here.
--> Fourthly, it has been debated as to whether this actually does give you better results, but apparently, turning the Minecraft process (named "javaw.exe" in the Processes List in Task Manager) up to a higher priority can improve results. I must say, I myself haven't really noticed a difference after changing the priority. Just note, changing the priority to "Realtime" WILL crash Minecraft and even your computer sometimes!

OK, so after doing all of that, here are my FPS Results now:
Posted Image

I do hope this has helped those in need of better FPS on Windows 7! As for Windows Vista & XP, the steps above should be very roughly the same!

Be sure to leave any other suggestions which could help improve the Minecraft FPS. Thanks peoples! :)

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