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Posted 10 July 2011 - 04:38 AM

SERVER IP: mc.mc-requiem.com

FORUM ADDRESS: mc-requiem.com/

WIKI: mc-requiem.info

Welcome to MC-Requiem! We wanted a server where we could do what we wanted, and could offer the same to other people as well. Thus, TheGurw started a server where we believe we have moved on from traditional servers. We offer a wide range of playing experiences, and are happy to help you get started on any big projects you'd like to do.

We have a Creative world designed to allow maximum freedom, the world is an infinitely-generating map of creative plots, 64x64x128, with the ground level at 18 to allow for those REALLY big builds. The plots can be joined together if you need them to be, just ask a mod or admin!

Our main focus is Survival playing, with some RPLite mixed into the world. We offer both a PvP world and Peaceful; but don't let the name fool you, the Peaceful world is still all about survival! Don't expect to get away with item hacks or other cheating here, not only are there several anti-cheat plugins on the server, but our admins carry the banhammer and are never scared to use it (or they might just toss you in Jail, enjoy your sentence!). Have something you've done that is particularly impressive? The Owners of the server may just be willing to move it into a protected zone and make it part of the History!

We currently have two 'main' worlds that are under construction; the Adventure world and the Hardcore world. The Adventure world will be all about RP, with classes, quests, and a host of NPCs. This world moves far away from traditional Minecraft, as you won't be able to destroy or build in this world. The Hardcore world will implement many of the powers of the Spout project, and will be a complete modification of the Minecraft experience, including new ores, industrialization, new mobs, and a PvPvE experience that will leave all but the truly hardcore/masochistic players in tears.

We are also home to the PokeCraft SMP Project and are happy to let you watch the progression or even test out the mod.

Many things are still under construction, as we only recently decided to go public. Please bear with us, we guarantee that the results will be worth it!
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