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UberCraft Server

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Posted 08 July 2011 - 10:10 PM

Welcome To The UberCraft
All right, some of you would look for a summary of a minecraft server. So here it goes.
UberCraft is a new server that is has been in existence since June 3,2011. It is a new server and we are looking for Admins, and Moderators. So if you would like to become those ranks, just email me at [email protected] The IP will be at the bottom of the post.
UberCraft is open to the public and free to join. I hate it when people charge you to just play on a server so this one is free. UberCraft Server can only hold 10 people at a time. But if you are nice enough to donate, or if it gets popular enough. I
will upgrade it. The server is being run from Multiplay Game Servers.

Server Rules
Rule 1: Don't not Grief.
Rule 2: Don't no Steal from any other players.
Rule 3: Do not beg for higher ranks.
Rule 4: If someone griefs your creation, do not grief back.
Rule 5: Put some type of label on your creations, or they will be torn down.
Rule 6: No Hacking is allowed. (X-RAY, Fly, etc.)
Rule 7: Don't Fly unless you are Admin or over.
If you break any of these rules, it will result in a temporary, or permanent ban.

BigBrother- A grief protection plugin.
CommandBook- Gives the ability to have much more commands.
Essentials- Many, many things that I can't explain right here.
TradeCraft- A trade plugin using gold bars for money.
God Powers- Enables the about to have (God Mode) which you take no damage.
MoveCraft- Enables the ability to make airships, boats, cars, and submarines.
Permissions- Enables the ability to make groups, each person can have different commands, etc.
WorldEdit- A world editing plugin.
Lockette- A chest protection plugin.
iConomy- A economy plugin.
iConomyChestShop- A automated shop using chest.

Server IP


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