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Teleport device

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Posted 22 September 2010 - 02:14 PM

Alright, lets see what I got....I think that there should be a way to create a teleport device where you can create two "place-able" portals that link to each other and where as if you only place ONE down then it just teleports you back to your spawn place when you walk through it regardless of which one you put down. Also (hopefully this isn't getting into two suggestions) but the ability to place your spawn point where ever you want by means of a button combination alt+s (to hopefully avoid accidental placements) while on the tile you want your spawn point to be. Which if you ever wish then you may reset your spawn point to default by using alt+h (for home). However you are NOT able to place a spawn point when you are dead.

This would make that endless world MUCH more explorable in terms of actually being able to get around places, especially with set-able spawn points. Now you may be wondering, "But if there's set-able spawn points then how will other people ever find me if they spawn at the default point" I also have a fix for that as part of this suggestion though which will come later on.

(Please bear with me, there's a lot to cover.)

Okay the portals would work like this: First of all, a single portal would be to stay open for five minutes after being placed on the ground which after five minutes simply disappear. There are two different types of portals which when both are placed down by the SAME USER then the portals are linked and you are able to travel between the two, otherwise a single portal would just bring you or anyone who enters it to your spawn point. This is useful so if you're far off from your spawn point, you can simply place down a portal and walk through it to get to your spawn yet place down the other portal type in order to move back to where you came from. Placing down either portal type will take THAT portal type out of your inventory and cannot be used again and you may only hold them in stacks of 5 (each type) though obviously be able to hold multiple stacks of either type as you wish.

****(Please note that the mushroom stands for Redstone Dust!!!!! NOT A MUSHROOM)****

X's mean nothing is to be placed there.

--'s Are just spaces to attempt in aligning my example of the craft recipe because I'm too lazy to find the code for spaces.

The portals would be craftded like so:

Portal 1:
-- X| :Diamond: |X
:Diamond: | :( | :Diamond:
  --X| :Diamond: |X

Portal 2:
:Diamond: |X| :Diamond:
-X| :) |X
:Diamond: |X| :Diamond:

The actual graphical design of the portals could be for portal 1; A mainly DARK blue animated swirl on the ground with light blue tied into the swirl, where as portal 2 Is mainly a LIGHT blue animated swirl with dark blue lines tied into it (As to tell the difference between the two portals).The portals would just lay FLAT on on top of the cube you placed it on, and destroying a cube with a portal on top of it causes the portal to disappear and become unusable. As for how they look when they are in your inventory however they are NON animated to save the trouble of eye fatigue (Portal 1 would look dark blue in inventory and portal 2 would look light blue just as they would when they're actually placed on the ground).

**Also as a note to know who created a portal, it would be a good idea to make it so that the player's name who created either portal would show above it in yellow lettering just so they know who's portal they are using.**

Now that is the spawn/two way portal system, moving on to finding players. I count this as part of the same suggestion since it is nearly using the same idea concept but in a different form.

Alright, this ALSO works off a similar (nearly exact) form of the spawn/two-way teleportation system but instead of too another portal or your spawn it instead teleports you to another player of your desire.

How this system would work is that when you go to place one of these portals down, BEFORE the actual portal is placed onto the ground you are given a box to type in the name of the person you wish to be teleported to. After this, you are FROZEN in place (including your aim, as to avoid any moving-while-placing bugs) while a nice pop up in the top right of the screen alerts the target that "[NAME] would like to teleport to you. Do you accept Y/N?" where as if that player is to hit Y on their keyboard during this time then the teleport is created on the ground and is taken from the inventory which lasts only two minutes instead of five and is only one way as well as the player is then unfrozen to move. However, if the target player is to hit N on their keyboard then simply the portal is NOT created and the player portal is not taken from the inventory of the one trying to teleport and they are unfrozen. If the target player NEITHER responds with a Y/N then after ten seconds an automated NO is assumed and the teleporting player is unfrozen and again the teleport is NOT created or taken from the inventory. Player teleporters may only be carried in stacks of three however multiple stacks may be carried at once.

In order to craft the player teleporter you would have to use the following ingredients in this order:

****(Again, Please note that just as above the mushroom stands for Redstone Dust!!!!! NOT A MUSHROOM)****

Player teleporter:
:Diamond: | :RedShroom: | :Diamond:
:RedShroom: | :RedShroom:  |  :RedShroom:
:Diamond: | :RedShroom: | :Diamond:

The graphical design of the player teleporter is also similar to the spawn/two-way teleporter except in that the swirl is mainly LIGHT red with dark lines in the swirl while also animated on the ground, while it looks the same in the inventory but again is NON animated for the good of the eyes for the inventory icon. The same properties exist where as it is flat on the ground and if the cube under is is destroyed then so is the portal and it becomes unusable and disappears.

**Also so that any people who talk through the portal know who it is they are teleporting too, above the teleporter (just like the spawn/two-way teleporter) will have a name above it. But instead of your own name will be the name of the person being teleported to, in the format "To: [NAME]" in yellow lettering.

Well, this pretty much covers my teleporting idea and enables the safety of being able to place user defined spawn points again yet be able to navigate around and find people if need be. Please leave your thoughts about what you think about my idea! (Considering any of you actually will read all of it.)

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Posted 23 September 2010 - 02:09 AM

Suggested this a couple days ago




Posted 31 March 2011 - 12:00 PM

Hey umm does this really work or are u breaking my balls cuz I didn't see teleporters in any minecraft update



Posted 31 March 2011 - 01:36 PM

I like the idea.
I get about 1000000000000000....... miles from my spawn with whoel loads of ores and the like and then CREEPER!! SSSSSSSSSSS...BOOOOOM
stuff gone
(place portal)



    Newly Spawned

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 12:45 PM

This should be in the next update its a great idea!!!