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X-Bro’s Build N’ Buy Server [Bukkit 1.5][Planetoids]

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Posted 11 May 2011 - 10:52 PM

:GoldBar:  :Diamond: Minecraft - X-Brother’s Build N’ Buy Server :Diamond:  :GoldBar:

Posted Image

:GoldBar: Builders Take Notice: Like the thought of being rewarded for the structures you build in Minecraft?... This server is for you! :GoldBar:

:Diamond: Who we are:
We are two brothers (Spyder X & Reaper X) who share a passion for spending countless hours in Minecraft building elaborate and beautiful structures.

:Diamond: Who we are looking for:
We are looking for a select group of mature and courteous players who enjoy building and having fun. Space is Limited. If you are a good builder come try our server.

:Diamond: How Build N’ Buy works:
Building Based Economy - Players are rewarded with money based on the creativeness and quality of the structures they build. Players can then use this money to buy server commands and kits. Therefore, the more you build the more power you earn.

:Diamond: Map Type: Combined Planetoids and Regular Minecraft (with custom seed)

Posted Image

Posted Image

:Diamond: 24/7 Up-Time: Professionally hosted out of Chicago, IL

:Diamond: English Speaking Server

:Diamond: Server Plugins:
- Bukkit 1.5
- AntiCreeper
- BigBrother
- Craftbook
- Essentials
- GuestPrev
- KitsPlugin
- MagicCarpet
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- iConomy
+Many More...

:Diamond: Server Rules:
- [1] Respect all players.
- [2] No griefing.
- [3] No stealing.
- [4] No hacking/cheating.
- [5] No whining.
- [6] Mark all creations with your name using a sign.
- [7] No one-time-use walkways in planetoids.
- [8] Do not argue with an Owner, Admin, or Moderator.
- [9] Use common sense... It's a game!

How to Join:
(Please fill out the application below and email to <!-- e -->[email protected]<!-- e --> or Private Message it to me)

1. What is your in-game name?

2. What is your age?

3. How long have you been playing Minecraft?

4. Tell us of your experience in playing multi-player Minecraft.

5. What is your build style/favorite things to build?

6. What goals do you have in the game?

7. Tell us about yourself in your own words and why you want to play on this particular server.

8. Do you agree to our rules? (listed above) Please be aware that we permanently ban people for breaking them!


Thank you!

-Spyder X

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Posted 12 May 2011 - 01:51 AM

Hey can i help out. The server looks amazing to begin with. I play minecraft every day and i am a really good builder :D thanks Troy



Posted 12 May 2011 - 01:53 AM

2many spheres = non creative server



Posted 12 May 2011 - 01:56 AM

Troyfoy96 said:

Hey can i help out. The server looks amazing to begin with. I play minecraft every day and i am a really good builder :Diamond: thanks Troy

Fill out the application and we can get you building!

-Spyder X