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[1.0.0]Robinton's Mods

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  • Location: My Volcano Castle
  • Minecraft: Robinton

Posted 08 May 2011 - 01:28 AM


Here are my various mods. If you want an older version of any mod, I probably still have it on Dropbox; PM me and I can send you a link.

Also, if you want to support my mods, but want to spend somebody else's money, feel free to use the adf.ly alternate links that I'm adding. Click the link, wait 5 seconds, then click "Skip Ad".

Table of Contents:

Major Mods, an API, and the SaveConverter
Cubic Chunks (1.0.0 Test version)
4096 BlockIDs (1.2.5; moved to its own thread)
Creative Item Adding API (1.0.0)
SaveConverter Tool (Standalone; MC version independant Posted Image )

Smaller-But-Useful Mods
SandStoneConversionMod (1.2.5)
RobintonsMobMod (1.0.0)
Shaped Charges (1.2.5)
Volcanoes (1.2.5)
Flooded World (1.2.5)
Coordinates Info Mod (1.2.5)
Disappearing SmoothStone Mod (Beta 1.7.3)
MobSpark Mod (1.2.5)

Cubic Chunks: (ModLoader compatible) (Minecraft Forge V1.0.6 compatible)
The sky is the limit in Minecraft, literally. So is Bedrock. Well, not any more. Introducing Cubic Chunks Mod!

Here is a thread with lots of CC pics.
Here is a thread that has a few CC videos. (More coming soon)

A handful of pics:
This mod expands the world to be 65504 blocks tall, almost 512 times larger than vanilla Minecraft (exactly 511.75). Build in infinite skies, tunnel down to the lava core, raid dungeons deep underground. The sky is no longer the limit: Infinite Minecraft awesomeness in Three Dimensions!

If you want an example of what can be done with Cubic Chunks, check out ModernCraft City by nadine.

This mod overwrites these files. (Note: this is an old list; I need to update it sometime.) This mod should be compatible with most mods, so long as they don't modify terrain generation or chunks. CoordsInfoMod is included with this mod, but you can ignore it if you want to.

If you find any bugs, please post or PM me the crash report and what you were doing at the time. If Minecraft blackscreens and you can't see the crash report, go to your minecraft folder, and look for a file named "CubicChunksErrorFile.txt". That file should contain your crash report.

MineCrak wrote a tutorial thread that contains lots of info on exactly how to install Cubic Chunks. If you're having installation problems, try his thread before posting.

NOTE: make backups of your worlds! This mod automatically converts standard Minecraft worlds and YMod worlds (turning Bedrock in the bottom 16 blocks to Stone) and Cubic Chunks V1.0 and V1.2 worlds to Cubic Chunks V1.3+ format whenever you load them, but you can only convert worlds back to non-Cubic Chunks format by using my reverse-converter tool, which has occasional glitches. If you find any errors in my converter tool, post or PM them to me.

Anyone who wants to can re-write my world generation code, and post their re-writes. Also, anyone who wants to may make mods based off of Cubic Chunks, as long as they give me credit.

Tall grass sometimes fails to render. This can be fixed by updating nearby blocks, or saving and reloading. Priority: low.
Rain / snow behave wierdly above y=128. Priority: low.
Recently, a handful of chunk holes have been seen (even one by me). Priority: med/high.


CubicChunkMod V1.5.1 (Beta1.7.3)

(If you also use ModLoader and/or Forge, you will have to install them first)

Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.3 test version 5 (Beta1.8.1) - this is 99% updated/debugged, but it still requires ModLoader and Forge 1.1.1 (Forge 1.1.2 may also work)!!!

Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 5 (Minecraft 1.0.0) - works, but extra incompatibilities, and Strongholds don't always work. It requires ModLoader, and is not (yet) Forge compatible. Also some people have been reporting lots of ConcurrentModificationExceptions...
Alternative MediaFire Link - Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 5 (Minecraft 1.0.0)

Experimental Builds:
MC1.0.1 SMP test version (fairly stable as far as I can see):
Server CubicChunksMod V1.5.4 test version 7 (Minecraft 1.0.1) - works, most known errors fixed; generating Strongholds will sometimes throw server-side ConcurrentModificationExceptions.
-Alternative MediaFire Link
Old SMP test version (this is fairly buggy, you have been warned!):
Server CubicChunksMod V1.4.5 (B1.7.3)

Old Cubic Terrain Generation test version (this should mostly work, but it just might do unexpected things like generating caves over your house, and it includes improved ChunkCubeAir saving, which won't be compatible with previous versions of CC until I add a patch to them. You have been warned!):
Client CubicChunksMod V1.5.2 Test version 3 (B1.7.3)

I will update this to 1.2.3, but it is a huge mod, so give me some time...

4096BlockIDs: (Requires ModLoader and Forge)
NOTE: After MC 1.2.5, I am no longer planning to maintain this mod. I have released the source code (see Developer Notes below), and I hereby give permission (and, in fact, thanks) for anyone to do whatever they like with the 4096IDs source code, so long as they give my code credit.

Moved to a new thread.

Creative Item Adding API: (Requires ModLoader)
This API allows modders to build mods that add Items to the Creative GUI:
As you can see, I've used it for my ShapedCharges and Volcano Mods.

This is compatible with CreativeAPI_1.0.0 as long as you install this after the CreativeAPI, as well as any Creative GUI API that does not modify afp.class. It also includes a minor change for my 4096 BlockIDs patch.

UPDATE: Forge added something similar to this, so no point in my maintaining this.

Download CreativeItemAdding API V1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.0.0

SaveConverter: (Works no matter what Minecraft version you use! No dependencies!)
This is a standalone tool with readme and GUI to convert between Cubic Chunks worlds, YMod worlds, Vanilla Minecraft worlds, and Beta1.9+ExtendedHeight worlds.
The ExtendedHeight format conversion should now work.
New Feature: NBTViewer mode lets you explore level.dat files, data files, and YMod/Pre-McRegion save files from a dev's eye view!


Download SaveConverter V2.0.1 (Direct link)
Download SaveConverter V2.0.1 (AdF.ly link)
Download SaveConverter V2.01 Source Code

SandStoneConversionMod: (requires ModLoader)
If you find tons of SandStone (say, in Cubic Chunks Posted Image), and want some sand instead, this mod allows you to convert SandStone into 4 sand.
Download SandStoneConversionMod B1.8.1
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.0.0
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.1.0
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.3
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.4 (Direct Link)
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.4 (AdF.ly Link)
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.5 (Direct Link)
Download SandStoneConversionMod MC1.2.5 (AdF.ly Link)

Robinton's Mob Mod: (requires Cubic Chunks Mod)
As a joke, I've created an NPC named "Robinton". He's sort of like Herobrine for Cubic Chunks. He occasionally spawns when you're attacked, never attacks you, wanders around aimlessly killing hostile mobs, greatly resents being attacked (except with fire, for which he'll occasionally give you red apples), and vanishes as soon as you re-load the world.

Download RMobMod B1.7.3 for Cubic Chunks 1.4.X
Download RMobMod B1.7.3 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.2
Download RMobMod B1.8.1 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.3 (and test versions)
Download RMobMod MC1.0.0 for Cubic Chunks 1.5.4 (and test versions)

Shaped Charges: (requires ModLoader)
Have you ever gotten tired quarrying? Have you ever wished for a way to make TNT more controlled, without destroying 2/3 of the item drops, with perhaps a little extra power (or maybe a lot of extra power)?

Enter Shaped Charges. Shaped Charges are crafted from three TNT in a column. Expensive, you say. True, but, each Shaped Charge blows a 1x1 collumn from bedrock to the sky! No item drops are destroyed! (Try to stay away from the blocks you hit, it is a very controlled explosion, but it can still hurt you.)

20X20 Quarries in minutes!

A quarry I dug with this mod (in 1.2_02, but it still works the same):
Ready To BLAST!


Nice Items Posted Image Lots of Cobble!

I also made the mod automatically compact all Cobblestone produced into one lag-reducing ItemStack Posted Image

Shaped Charges Mod even has a video about it. (See post 19 on this thread) Thanks GerMinecrafter!


Download ShapedChargeMod B1.7.3 (v1.1.1)
Download ShapedChargeMod B1.8.1 (v1.1.1)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.0.0 (v1.1.2)
-Alternative MediaFire Link
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.1.0 (v1.1.2)
-Alternative MediaFire Link
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.3 (v1.1.3) (Direct Link)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.3 (v1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.4 (V1.1.3) (Direct Link)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.4 (V1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.5 (V1.1.3) (Direct Link)
Download ShapedChargeMod 1.2.5 (V1.1.3) (AdF.ly Link)

VolcanoMod: (requires ModLoader)
There is a GetSatisfaction thread on getting Volcanoes added to Minecraft, so I thought I would build my own...
Posted Image
As you can see, while the lava is a little blocky, it works!

(You can craft Volcano Source blocks until I add Volcanoes to Terrain Generation):
Posted Image

Volcanoes Erupt, Recede, cool lava in their vicinity into cobble gravel and ores, create earthquakes (beware of putting precarious structures near Volcanoes), and fire LavaBombs! LavaBombs fly through the air and create a small explosion and a VolcanoLava block wherever they hit. VolcanoLava that cools down (usually when the Volcano Recedes, but also from the LavaBombs) turns into random ores: Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Redstone, Lazuli, Burning Netherrack!, lots of Cobblestone, and lots of Gravel.
Posted Image
(The mossy cobblestone in the picture is because of a MossyCobbleSpreads partial mod I made... until I saw someone else already made one.)

Use FlowingWater algorithms for VolcanoLava (no more blockiness!)  (added in 0.80 test)
Improve VolcanoBomb texture/sounds?
Add Volcanoes to Map Generation
Fix any glitches that show up
Optimize code

Download VolcanoMod for Beta1.7.3 (v1.1.0)
Download VolcanoMod for Beta1.8.1 (v1.1.1)
Download VolcanoMod for 1.0.0 (v1.2.1)

-Alternative MediaFire Link
Download VolcanoMod for 1.1.0 (v1.2.1)
-Alternative MediaFire Link
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.3 (v1.2.2) (direct link).
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.3 (v1.2.2) (AdF.ly link).
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.4 (v1.2.4) (direct link).
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.4 (v1.2.4) (AdF.ly link).
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.5 (v1.2.4) (direct link).
Download VolcanoMod for 1.2.5 (v1.2.4) (AdF.ly link).

Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be (more or less) Noah? With the water nearly to the clouds, only a handfull of small islands to live (or spawn) on, and trees and resources very scarce? Enter FloodMod!
Posted Image

Mining is dangerous! Who knows when you might tunnel out into the depths of the sea! But you can build unbeatable back doors to your base:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Look! A wall of water! Well, as Notch has messed up terrain generation compatibility before, I guess I don't feel too bad doing the same:
Posted Image
At least it is compatible (with wierd chunk transitions) with regular Minecraft.

Just don't generate side-by-side chunks with this mod on and off with BetterWater active:
Posted Image
your framerate will drop to approximately 0.02 FPS! (I guess BetterWater doesn't handle massive Tidal Waves well, does it...)

I also added a Server version, but I'm not in a position to test it thoroughly, so let me know if any bugs show up.

By the way, this mod is not compatible with my Cubic Chunks Mod, however, can mimic Flood effects by setting the CC water level to something extraordinarily high.

I once, in an older version, had a glitch where Minecraft wouldn't generate a new map with this mod active. I suspect this is linked to the game having to find a spawnpoint. Fix if this glitch ever repeats.

Ryth asked me for this mod, and gave me the idea for it.
Studying BiomeTerrainMod helped me figure out how to make this mod. Thanks!
You may be able to create a set of BiomeTerrainMod options to mimic the effect of this mod (set WaterLevel to 90).
This is not Cubic Chunks compatible, but the newer versions of CC can do the same thing, by dramatically increasing the WaterLevel option.

Download FloodedWorld B1.7.3 (v1.0)
Download Server FloodedWorld B1.7.3 (v1.0)

Download FloodedWorld B1.8.1 (v1.0)
Download Server FloodedWorld B1.8.1 (v1.0)

Download FloodedWorld 1.0.0 (v1.0)

Download FloodedWorld 1.1.0 (v1.0)

Download FloodedWorld 1.2.4 (v1.0) (Direct Link)
Download FloodedWorld 1.2.4 (v1.0) (AdF.ly Link)

Download FloodedWorld 1.2.5 (v1.0) (Direct Link)
Download FloodedWorld 1.2.5 (v1.0) (AdF.ly Link)

I was getting annoyed at the debug screen: it uses too much screen space for just getting my current coordinates. Then, half the time, the lag indicator goes up so high I can't see my coordinates, anyway! So, I created a mod for it:
Posted Image
Just press F4 to enter the condensed debug screen. Cheers.Posted Image

Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.7.3 (v1.2)
Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.8.1 (v1.2)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.0.0 (v1.3)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.1.0 (v1.3)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.3 (v1.3)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.4 (v2.1) (Direct Link)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.4 (v2.1) (AdF.ly Link)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) (Direct Link) (Install V2.4 over Forge if you're installing them both.)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) (AdF.ly Link)
Download CoordsInfo Mod 1.2.5 (v2.4) Source (Direct Link)

DisappearingSmoothstoneMod V1.0:

I was testing out my Cubic Chunks mod, and I needed a way to quickly find the underground ores. I had also been thinking over the code I used to remove bedrock. The result:
Posted Image
A mod that makes smoothstone disappear whenever you load a chunk. It's compatible with Vanilla, Cubic Chunks, and pretty much anything else. To install, copy the .class file into your minecraft.jar file. If you want to see much better in the dark, also copy the .class file from within the "LightAll" folder to your minecraft.jar (copy the class, not the folder).
NOTE: this change is permanent, and cannot be reversed! BACK UP YOUR WORLDS!!!

Download DisappearingSmoothstoneMod Mod B1.7.3 (v1.0)

MobSparkMod V1.0: (requires ModLoader)

Ever got annoyed trying to find hostile mobs? Or at them sneaking up on you? Well no more!
Posted Image

Download CoordsInfo Mod B1.8.1 (v1.0)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.0.0 (v1.1)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.1.0 (v1.1)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.4 (v1.1) (Direct Link)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.4 (v1.1) (AdF.ly Link)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.5 (v1.1) (Direct Link)
Download MobSpark Mod MC1.2.5 (v1.1) (AdF.ly Link)

God for creating the universe
My family for buying me this computer
Notch for making Minecraft
The MCP Team for allowing all of us Minecraft modders to Mod Minecraft
MineCrak for triggering lots of interest in my mod

Here are support banners, if anyone wants to use them:

And if anyone wants to donate:
Posted Image

Hall of donation fame:
(if you're on here, and you want anything changed or want to add a comment, just PM me, with your full PayPal name Posted Image )
Robert L. $10.00, plus the idea of adding a donate button!
Graeme T. $20.00!
Christopher G. $15.00!

Posted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 08 May 2011 - 01:30 AM




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Posted 08 May 2011 - 01:33 AM



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Posted 08 May 2011 - 02:30 AM

I like the idea of the charges, but Instead of having it go all the way down, (why up?) have it only go 30, 40 blocks down? or maybe even make it 2x2 with a 20 block depth. Also, if you did hit lava, you would lose all of those items you just gained.
Posted Image


  • Location: Canada

Posted 08 May 2011 - 02:55 AM

Me likey shape charges  :Diamond:  :Diamond:  :Diamond:

what other mods you got?  :Diamond:



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Posted 08 May 2011 - 04:16 AM

Minegunners been updated for like a week or two

This is a massive fail


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Posted 08 May 2011 - 01:25 PM

TehKrush said:

Minegunner was already updated. >.>

It was! (Apparently I didn't check recently enough.)  :SSSS: (I feel bone-headed)

Pixelated said:

I like the idea of the charges, but Instead of having it go all the way down, (why up?) have it only go 30, 40 blocks down? or maybe even make it 2x2 with a 20 block depth. Also, if you did hit lava, you would lose all of those items you just gained.
I have considered ideas like this. I have also condsidered making ShapedCharges like focused, 3-explosion TNT. If enough people want multiple ShapedCharges varieties, I will eventually build them.

punkdude777 said:

Me likey shape charges  :D  :D  :DBlock:

what other mods you got? :DBlock:
Flowing water V0.4 and VolcanoMod V0.6 (they both still have some glitches, but work pretty well)
EDIT: and FloodMod (really high sea level).

Vornika said:

Minegunners been updated for like a week or two

This is a massive fail
Posted ImagePosted Image


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Posted 12 May 2011 - 09:28 PM

Any questions or comments?
Posted ImagePosted Image



Posted 24 May 2011 - 12:43 AM

the tnt doesnt blow up to bedrock



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Posted 24 May 2011 - 12:47 AM

awesome. just awesome.
Caspur's Creative Mods
AutoID , PlanksGalore, and Mods to enhance the BUILDING aspect of Minecraft.


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Posted 24 May 2011 - 06:52 PM

owned4free said:

the tnt doesnt blow up to bedrock
Could you explain further? Do you mean it doesn't blow up bedrock blocks (bedrock is supposed to be invulnerable)? Or that the explosion stops before it hits bedrock (this would be a glitch)? Or that it won't blow up if it is below bedrock (this would also be a glitch)?

caspur said:

awesome. just awesome.
Posted ImagePosted Image



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Posted 24 May 2011 - 07:35 PM

The Flood mod looks realy cool!
Posted Image



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Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:48 AM

Is that blocks above 128? Wow,  sweet!




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Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:52 AM

Please update the title of this thread to reflect the standards listed here:



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Posted 17 July 2011 - 10:11 AM

Cubic Chunks! I don't know how I missed that this mod existed. I need to work this into my thread telling people how to get Higher Worlds, but I could use more info.

Is it possible to "import" or convert an existing ymod 256, 512 or 1024 high map into a 'Cubic Chunks' map? For instance; Could the Little Big World ymod downloadable map be converted into a Cubic Chunks map which could then be played in 1.7.3? It would also be good if one of your maps could be converted into a ymod  map, at least the parts that fall within ymod's height limits.

If so then it would be great if you and nadine could get together! nadine's map would be a fantastic test case for your mod. You would be able to use the LittleBigWorld map to stress test your mod and improve it. :)

btw: If you see a lot more people coming to this thread soon it will have all been because Nocte brought it to my and other peoples attention. :) And, of course, I'll be adding links to here and mentioning it in several places now. ;)


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Posted 17 July 2011 - 02:32 PM

View PostMineCrak, on 17 July 2011 - 10:11 AM, said:

Working in reverse order:
Thanks for the links :)

I haven't yet built in automatic ymod conversion; what format exactly does ymod use? For instance, for a really tall map, the heightmap couldn't be saved as a byte array - a byte is 0-255, way too small for a 1024 block tall map. I'll research it and build a conversion tool (or build it in to my mod), but if you could give me ymod save format specifications, or a link to them, that would save me some time.
So, basically, it isn't yet possible to convert between ymod and cubic chunks saves, but it will be soon.

About my mod: hmm, what do you want to know?
Cubic Chunks stores worlds in ChunkCubes: an array of 16x16x16 blocks, an ArrayList of Entities, another ArrayList of TileEntities, and a handful of flags for whether the ChunkCube's terrain is generated, etc. The HeightMap is still stored in Chunks (which now have an array of 255 ChunkCubes, instead of the various arrays and similar that they used to have), but HeightMap is now an array of shorts instead of bytes. I use a rather complicated array hack to turn the short array into a byte array for saving (does anyone know any better way? a way to use C++ reinterpret_cast in Java, for instance?).
Cubic Chunks could theoretically create infinitely tall worlds (though HeightMaps would have to be altered to go beyond 65536 blocks), I would just need to expand the ChunkCube array. However, after weeks of testing Cubic Chunks, I still haven't reached the upper / lower limits of the world, so it will probably be a while before I bother to expand the world that far.
Cubic Chunks's terrain generator needs some work: it isn't height aware (no y>128 mountains), and the winding caves only go down to bedrock (I'm currently working on that). On the other hand, deep ChunkCube generation does include SandStone deposits (which sometimes contain iron, gold, diamond, etc.)(which also explain my SandStoneConversion mod), not to mention all of the normal deposits. Nether chunk generation really needs some work - the upper limit bedrock still exists, whereas the lower bedrock auto-converts to SmoothStone, giving you access to infinite ChunkCubes (completely filled with boring Netherrack). I asked NetBlitzer (see the bottom of my sig) to write CubicChunks an improved terrain generator, perhaps he will agree. If not, I will just keep working on improving it.
Cubic Chunks leaves unmodified air ChunkCubes unsaved to decrease map size.
Cubic Chunks should be compatible with most other mods, as it is based on Minecraft with ModLoader. If a mod modifies any class with "Chunk" in it, it probably won't work with Cubic Chunks. If it doesn't, it probably will work with Cubic Chunks.
I will continue updating and improving Cubic Chunks for all of the foreseeable future.

Also, my mod has only been around a month or so, which is probably how you missed it.
Thanks again for the publicity. I'm hoping to get a licensing deal with Mojang someday.
Posted ImagePosted Image



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Posted 17 July 2011 - 03:45 PM

What you have and are accomplishing here is removing any future excuse for Minecraft not having/allowing use of higher maps. 3D chunks seem to be the future of Minecraft-like games and you are the one actually bringing it to Minecraft! Thank you. I sincerely hope that Mojang does work something out with you to add this to the vanilla game.

Thanks for posting more detailed info on how your implementation of 3D Chunks currently works. It might have helped you in more ways than you think. ;) I have posted a plea for support for your maps to the makers of MCEdit & WorldEdit in their threads. Gaining their support would ensure the greater adoption of this new map standard for the game! Hopefully you can all work well together, for great justice! ;)

I can't currently answer your questions regarding the ymod chunk/map structure other than to say they use the Minecraft 1.2_02 map structure with linear chunks that extend all the way from the bottom of the map to the top, in other words NOT 3D Chunks, but of course taller than the default 128 block height. Hopefully the answers you seek are somewhere in the ymod thread. I will see what I can find.

The good news is that you will at least have a fully operational and built up ymod map to experiment with! :) nadine's Little Big World is available for Download.

And Thank You for committing to making ymod maps compatible or convertible to Cubic Chunk maps! That is great news and helps to cement 3D Chunks as the new forward compatible Minecraft Map Standard. :) If you need some more info on getting set up for using/playing with ymod in your experiments for the converter/mod then please feel free to check out my Higher Map thread's ymod section. Just basic stuff but perhaps helpful for a quick start. And please let me know if I need to adjust the info I posted regarding your mod.

btw: Regarding your Sig; perhaps we ought to start calling you Chunk Norris? ;)



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Posted 17 July 2011 - 04:56 PM

I tried to run this mod, installed Cubic Chunks then Singleplayer Commands, when I create a new world I get "saving chunks" screen. By "assumes/integrates ModLoader", do you mean "requires ModLoader"? I didn't installed ModLoader. Beta 1.7.3.
EDIT: after reading a post, you need modloader. Please edit and write "requires ModLoader" instead, it's better.



Posted 17 July 2011 - 08:21 PM

I love the shaped charges mod! It makes mining so much easier :D
Made a vid about it:

Our Minecraft PvP Map "Battletown": Klick here



Posted 18 July 2011 - 01:27 AM

YES. I bet if Cubic Chunks got popular and the cave/monster problems got fixed, some people could do a collab mob using yours as a base to make this popular suggestion a reality.
Posted Image