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plane survival game

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  • Location: on a snow dessert, with my pigs, enchanting potions
  • Minecraft: startacker

Posted 18 April 2011 - 02:03 AM

this is my first survival map ever so don't expect much

intro:your plane has crashed on a piece of land you must survive and make a plane (after 6 minecraft days) and escape

after seeing lithean on youtube on his plane crash survival it inspired me to make one myself what you have to do is to survive and make a plane

ok so describing it i can't get screan shots of the map but i used the 1337 seed

key:  :Zombie: =not in map  :Pig: =in map

:SSSS: secrets of any sort or  mob spawners

:Pig: a limited amount of space to travel

:Pig: a supply crate

:SSSS: pre-made stuff like building and stuff

:Pig: a plane crash

so ya this is my survival map just get the download here


if it doesn't work for getting it working trying getting winRAR

so have fun!

oh and don't forget to read the notes and put the world in the file in the saves file located by typing %appdata% in the run bar then go to the .minecraft folder then go to saves and plop it in there


i don't have much recommended stuff for this but i think painterly pack will do


don't flame this this is my first survival game and i will try to improve it later on

pork for you   :)

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