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[1.7] Terraria Texture Pack

terraria minecraft resource pack texture pack update 1.7 popular youtube download pictures

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Posted Yesterday, 09:05 PM

~+{Terraria Resource Pack 1.7}+~

This a resource pack in the style of Terraria.This pack will be updated everyday! I worked really hard on this resource pack and I hope you enjoy it!REMEMBER: This is a Work-In-Progress!

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://adf.ly/kkd73

-=(Update Log)=-
Current Update: 1.4
(F) = Finished

Update 1.1

- New Dirt/Sand Texture
- Added New Mob Textures

- Added New Gui
- Added New Particles
- Added New Armor Textures
- Added Chest Textures
- Added Brick Texture
- Added New Door Texture
- Added Flower Textures

- Added More Tool Textures

Update 1.2
- Added Paintings
- New Stone Texture
- Edit Gold Armor Textue
(To Have 3D Wings on the Helmet)

Update 1.3
- New Ore Textures
-New Grass (Top) Texture
- New Cobblestone Texture
- New Iron Block Texture
- New Gold Block Texture
- New Stone Brick Texture

-New Lapis Block Texture

Update 1.4
- Added Log Top Texture
- Added Bucket Textures
- Added Bottle O' Enchanting Texture
- Added Nether Star Texture
- Added Rotten Flesh Texture
- Added Carrot Texture
- New Glass Texture
- Added Diamond Block Texture
- Added Emerald Block Texture
- Added New Dandelion/Poppy Texture
- Added New Cactus Texture

Update 1.5
- Add Stained Glass Textures
- Add Sapling Textures
- Improved Dirt Texture
- Add Iron Armor Textures
If you want to submit your ideas, suggestions, or report any bugs, comment below or message me. I love to hear new ideas!

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Posted Yesterday, 10:20 PM

If it's WIP, you need to post it in the WIP Resourcepacks forum. Hit the report button at the bottom of your thread (Beside multiquote) and ask to have it moved. :)

(Also, just a heads up. If you're using actual sprites from the game, you shouldn't put it behind an afly link.)



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Posted Yesterday, 10:24 PM

Hey ResourcePacker,

Remember to post images, you will get far more clicks.  I never download unless I can see what I am getting.
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Posted Today, 03:47 AM

How do you have 5 updates only 1 post and the topic was just started today?

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