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How do i test for a last team alive?

help redstone command blocks map how to team deathmatch minigame battle

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Posted Today, 05:16 PM

I am currently working on a mini-game. It's a Team Battle/Team Death-match type of game. But there is four teams. ( "RedTeam", "GreenTeam", "BlueTeam", and "YellowTeam"). I added an extra team called "Spectators". This is so that if a player uses the five lives they got, they get set into spectator mode automatically. I am using minecraft version 14w11b. I have everything set up and it works fine. there is just one problem.
Is there a way to set up an command block clock or something of sorts that test when there is one team left so that i can teleport them back to the lobby and the game ends?
Also how do i add damage and enchant values to armor and weapons using command blocks?
And for the player to spawn wearing the armor?
Any help is appreciated.

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Posted Today, 06:15 PM

You could have some command blocks listing the team life totals and once it reaches zero then yeah...

Or you could have loads of AND gates with individual player life tests or something.