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How Do You Play Survival Multiplayer?

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PSF Kevin

Posted 12 April 2011 - 02:50 AM

Me and my friend want to play, but I have no clue how to play survival multiplayer. Can anyone help?

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Posted 12 April 2011 - 02:51 AM

You start by punching trees...
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Posted 12 April 2011 - 02:52 AM

Can you be more specific? Do you just want to know how to join any ol' server, or do you guys wanna host your own?
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Posted 12 April 2011 - 02:54 AM

I play on a private server with people I know pretty well. It's been working smoothly for nearly 4 months now.
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Posted 12 April 2011 - 03:07 AM

PSF Kevin said:

Me and my friend want to play, but I have no clue how to play survival multiplayer. Can anyone help?
All right look, if you just wanna experience SMP for a bit I recommend just joining any ol' random server first.
Go here -->  http://mcserverlist.net/  and pick any server you might want to join and copy the IP by clicking on the little LINK icon next to the server name and IP.
Now go into Minecraft, click on Multiplayer and ctrl+v paste the IP into the space and click Connect. You should be able to join the server. Keep in mind that there are going to be random people that may cause some server lag, and if the server doesn't have Anti-Griefing mods the things you build can be destroyed.
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    Zombie Killer

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Posted 12 April 2011 - 03:35 AM

Im currently playing on a PvP server, what Im doing is coin out early in the morning to get bones, get wolves to help me out, then travel out really far to build a base with some friends...




Posted 12 April 2011 - 04:25 AM

Multiplayer PvP or Creative?

I'm on a PvP server right now, and it's awesome. The admin has told me basically anything goes - if you find someone else's base, you are free to demolish it as you please. This encourages stealthier base-building. We've got a central shop (using tradecraft) for trading, and pretty everything else is a free for all.

Pretty much everyone is trying to take down the admin, lol. He doesn't like fly-mods, but he himself has got teleportation powers which he abuses when he is attacked. So my friend and I have both found separate skeleton spawners and made mob-traps for them... Once we get enough arrows, we're taking out the admin!

Another awesome thing I do on the server is this: once I find another player's base, I don't destroy it... I set booby traps all over their house, specifically in their treasure vault. Then, when they go to check their items, they step on a pressure plate and activate a giant TNT bomb.

I found secret ways to hide chests, set traps for other players, made five underground bases, and killed a couple of players out of spite. The PvP server is awesome. Hopefully I've given you some ideas of how to enjoy MineCraft Multiplayer.  :D
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