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Minecraft Movie?

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Posted Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Wtf guys it will be ­bad
Think about it 1 how many games get turned in to movies (ok a couple what halo? That movie was soooo bad I threw up) that's the only game turned in to a movie I've seen.
Even movies turned in to games are 70-80% of the time ­bad.
So really movies and games don't mix.....

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Posted Yesterday, 02:42 PM

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Posted Yesterday, 08:39 PM

First of all the movie is said to be out around mid 2015 not 2014, and secondly the movie may not be all grand like you may think. The reason Minecraft appeals to so many is that the main character does not have a story line or background story. It is a story you make up by yourself without having strict guidelines to follow. Giving Steve a background and story line will ruin that 4th wall. You will have a character with a story, and it will no longer be you as Steve, a guy with no voice or emotion, so you can act and feel whatever you want. The movie will give those emotions and voice to Steve and ruin the illusion.

That is just my take on the movie, and I am sure Mojang knows what they are doing.



Posted Today, 04:12 AM

View PostDrazile12, on 28 February 2014 - 10:03 PM, said:

The Lego Movie isn't even out in Australia yet, and won't be until April :(
I know, I don't live in austraila but I did nt watch it.l