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how to make a ship(possibility)

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 12:09 AM

i dont think this idea has been mention so let me know if it has
here are the steps to bulding it:
1. nails and blow torches

nails could be crafted like this:
[]  []  []
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:  : this will make 10 or more nails?
[]  :iapprove:  []

  []  :iapprove:  []
[]  :iapprove:  []
[]  :iapprove:  []
:iapprove: = any solid block(like 9 steel crafted together etc..)

blowtorches can be crafted like this:
{SMILIES_PATH}/flintnsteel.png  []  []
[]  :iapprove:  []    : or something like that
[]  :iapprove:  []

nails would be used with wood and blowtorches would be used with metals

what they do is they join either wood or steel or any other metal(if new are added) and when one of them is moved or affected by a motor or sail(and/or a rudder, ill show how to craft it later) all pieces will move together and move all things on top of them

to attach pieces of wood together place two or more blocks of wood or log and with the hammer in your hand right click on one(and a nail going up and down will appear) and then right click on another(next to it) and the nail that appeared will disappear and nails(black dots) on the sides of the wooden planks will be drawn.
:iapprove: = wood hammered first
:iapprove: = wood that can be nailed together with  :iapprove:
:iapprove: = wood that cant be nailed together with  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:

blow torches are very similar they have the same rules except they can only bond metal

if this is possible you can make make the bottom of a ship and build up from it so boats are likely to be indifferent and i think thats very minecraft like

2. movement
if the sails gonna move were gonna have to attach either a motor or a sail a motor is probably too futuristic for minecraft but maybe :iapprove: will make them
but right now were sticking to the sail
you'll need cloth
to craft that:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:
the cloth can be dyed just like wool but colored wool crafted like this makes different colored cloth
when you have 9 cloth you can craft a sail
:iapprove: = white cloth
:iapprove: = red cloth
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove: = sail w/ red cross on it
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:
of course it doesn't have to have a red cross on it its just an example(it can be all white if you want it)

once you have a sail place it on the top of the pole  where it will be for example
:iapprove: = pole
:iapprove: = boat parts
       []   :iapprove: <- sail goes hear
    []      :iapprove:
    []      :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:

3. steering
youll need two things a steering wheel and a rudder
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  []  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:

:iapprove:  []  []
[]  :iapprove:  :iapprove: ???
[]  :iapprove:  :iapprove:

the ruder must be under water in order to work and the wheel must be on the boat to work
in order for both of them to work they must be touching or they must be joined with nails

to move work the boat you right click on the steering wheel and itll bring you right behind it
Press W to speed up
S to slow down
A to turn left
D to turn right
if you want the boat to keep moving but you dont want to be steering it press alt while holding W and right click on the wheel to exit it

4. Defense
if this is possible itll be cool if you could battle other ships for that youll need cannons
to craft them:
:iapprove:  []  :iapprove:
:iapprove:  []  ;) = cannon
[]  :)  []

[]  :)  []
:)  :iapprove:  :iapprove:  = 4 small cannon balls
[]  :iapprove:  []

[]  :iapprove:  []
:iapprove:  :iapprove:  :iapprove:  = 4 large cannon balls
[]  :iapprove:  []

+to load them right click with a cannon ball in your hand and to fire right click with a torch in your hand
to aim right click it with anything except a cannon ball or torch and it'll bring you right behind it and use the mouse to aim it(to exit it right click it again)
a small canon ball has a 3 block blast radius and a large one has 5

once you have all those things you should be able to make any kind of boat a yacht, a pirate ship etc.

possible porblems
not enough ocean
simple solution: new biome(ocean) basically lots of and a deep sea floor

and maybe placing blocks on a ship thats not lined up with the other ones i dont have a solution for this but if you do post it

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 12:18 AM

this has actually been suggested to death, and this topic doesn't bring anything new to the table. not to say it isn't well written, because it is much better than most, it's just not original. including the cannon is a big issue, people hate guns so doing anything more than mentioning that this might be a good spot for them is detrimental. the problem with boats isn't so much joining them, but getting the blocks to stick together (coding) i suggest looking in the previous page for my modular vehicles topic, as it mostly deals with boats. as well it proposes similar things and answers many of the ideas you came up with.
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