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Pixelmon 2.5.7

pixelmon 2.5.7 crash forge 2.5.2 mod loader

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 11:05 PM

Hello! :)

I just got my eyes on the pixelmon 2.5.7 after playing on 2.5.2. Then i wanted to play on a pixelmon server, because singleplayer wasn't that fun anymore. I downloaded 2.5.7, and forge mod loader 1.6.4. Then i tried to join a server. ''Forge Mod Loader has found ID mismatches''. Then i tried to play on singleplayer, but then minecraft crashed. I also tried to download forge modloader again but that didn't actually work :/ My mouse clicker were waiting, but nothing happened. Pixelmon 2.5.2 was still working with forge modloader, but not 2.5.7. But i also tried to do the same on my stationary computer. I could download forge modloader 1.6.4 and pixelmon 2.5.7, but it crashed there too :( So i started thinking if it was something wrong with the mod. But players were playing on the server, so it couldn't be the mod. I saw several youtube videos on how to download forge modloader the right way, but it didn't work. I downloaded the mod from the original pixelmon website, and forge from the right place , but it did not seem to work :/ So i don't know if it is something wrong with the mod or my pc.

Do i need to play 2.5.7 with another version of forge mod loader?

I'm literally pulling my hair out of this, so it would be nice if someone gave me a suggestion on how to fix this problem :)

Thanks! :D

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