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summaries for Direwolf Lets Play Season 6

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Posted 12 December 2013 - 02:52 PM

Summary to lets play season 6 episode 1 done by Direwolf20

Video :
Published on Dec 10th, 2013
Duration : 43:36

(see also :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CClwlEihf6Q on how to install DW20's modpack
and the forum post http://www.minecraft...ts-play-series/ )

00:00 Introdution

"HELLOOOOO eveybody !" :-)
Direwolf 1.6 pack on the FTB launcher

102 mods loaded in this pack

New world creation, Biomes O' plenty world, seed "Direwolf20 Season6 - FINALLY!!"

01:30 world is created, snow biome, punching wood

this is a single player world, Direwolf will go more into details than on his multiplayer series. A lot of things to learn !

04:50 a place to call home, near volcano, ravine and cherry blossom biome

listing the mods contained in the pack

MOD : "mapwriter" very useful minimap with a lot of useful things

MOD : "WAILA" what Am I looking at ? displays informations about blocks and mods


MOD : "Ars Magica 2" magic mod

MOD : "Applied Energistics" about storage, logistics and auto-crafting

10:00 DW20 digs out a little cave and places a door

MOD : "bibliocraft" adds decoration stuff

MOD : "NEI" allows to see items and recipes


MOD : "Hats mod" displays silly hats on mobs and players

MOD : "Billund" adds lego blocks


MOD : "Biomes O' Plenty" add many special biomes

MOD : "Buildcraft"  adds automation and machines


MOD : "Chickenchunks" adds chunkloading

MOD : "COFH core" core of thermal expansion

MOD : "compactsolars" adds solar panels

MOD : "computercraft" adds turtles and programming

coding will not be done on camera as it is quite boring.

MOD : "denpipes" adds different pipes for buildcraft

MOD : "industrial craft" adds machines and lots of stuff

MOD : "IC2 nuclear control" addon to industrialcraft

20:40 first iron !

MOD : "enderstorage" expands on the enderchest

MOD : "gatecopy" allows to copy logic gate settings

MOD : "gravity gun" adds halflife's gravity gun to Minecraft


MOD : "infinity bows" patches the infinity enchant on bows

MOD : "inventory tweaks" help with sorting inventories

MOD : "iron chests" allows to build larger chests

MOD : "logistics pipes" transfer stuff around

MOD : "magic bees" addon to forestry

MOD : "extra utilities" adds useful utilities


MOD : "factorization" new item transport system

MOD : "flatsigns" place flat signs in the world

MOD : "forestry" addon to buildcraft, automates foresting (trees, beebreeding, ...)

MOD : "MFFS" adds force fields

MOD : "mobeus core"

MOD : "modular powersuits" adds modular armor

MOD : "morph" players can morph into mobs


MOD : "mystcraft" allows to create dimensions the player can travel to

MOD : "natura" adds different types of worldgen like trees, etc ...

MOD : "NEI" look up recipes

MOD : "obsidian pressure plates" pressure plates that can only be activated by players

MOD : "openblocks" adds several different blocks which are very useful (like elevators, etc)

MOD : "opis" useful for server owner to figure out what is causing lag


MOD : "addon for forestry"

MOD : "portal gun" which adds a ... portal gun !

MOD : "project red" replacement for red power mod

Direwolf20 is already out of inventory space ! Posted Image

MOD : "qcraft" quantum mecanics in Minecraft !

MOD : "railcraft" adds tracks and railway functionality

MOD : "Steve's carts" adds carts

MOD : "switches" adds buttons which act like switches


MOD : "tinker's construct" allows creation of customizable tools and useful blocks

MOD : "thaumcraft" magic mod

MOD : "thaumic tinkerer" addon to thaumcraft

MOD : "thermal expansion" adds machines and pipes

MOD : "tinker's mechworks" addition to tinker's construct

MOD : "translocators" simple way to transfer items from one inventory to the next


MOD : "twilight forest" adds a magical dimension

MOD : "wireless redstone" transfer redstone signals without cables

42:10 building a tool using the project red gems

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Posted 16 December 2013 - 02:18 PM

Summary to lets play season 6 episode 2 done by Direwolf20 - Ore doubling

Video :
Published on Dec 12th, 2013
Duration : 35:02

(see also www.youtube.com/watch?v=CClwlEihf6Q on how to install DW20's modpack
and the forum post http://www.minecraft...ts-play-series/ )

00:00 Introdution

"HELLOOOOO eveybody !" :-)

has done mining since last episode. Urgent topic : FOOD !

00:30 sickle : can clear away large patches of grass and leaves. The differences between sickles (wood/.../diamond) is just the durability, not the range. Use it to collect seeds from grass.

05:00 setting up a wheat and barley farm

06:00 new type of bucket ("Christmas Bucket" from pluginsforforestry mod)

09:30 cotton seeds can be planted to get cotton, which can be used to get string and wool.

10:30 processing the ores. It is possible to double the ores in different ways.

12:00 found skeleton spawner, look include thaumium and ender-lily seeds. These seeds can be planted to get ender pearls !

13:20 TIP : hit F7 and in some dark areas you will see red lines and yellow lines. Red lines indicate where monsters can spawn during day and night. Yellow lines indicate where mobs can spawn only during the night. Place torches down to remove these lines and make the area safe.

14:20 planting ender-lily seeds, they grow better on endstone. They take a long time to grow (a minecraft week)

15:00 harvesting barley, craft into flour and smelt it to get bread

16:00 crafting a grind stone, allows to manually grind ores into dust which can then be smelted. You get two dusts per ore thus doubling the output. A wooden crank is needed to operate the grind stone

20:50 starting with thermal expansion, pretty good way to startup and get ore doubling. We need the redstone furnace and the pulverizer, and we need dynamos to power them. The steam dynamo is the more basic one, running off coal and water.

23:00 getting sand to make glass. Morphing into a squid to be able to breathe underwater

24:00 crafting the furnace and pulverizer

25:20 info on the pulvzerizer

27:20 crafting station, better crafting table

27:50 crafting the steam dynamo and setting it up, needs water

29:20 leadstone energy conduits are needed to transmit the energy (reflux and no longer minecraft joules)

30:00 the crescent hammer is needed to rotate the dynamo

32:00 crafting the furnace

33:00 explanation on the tabs of the pulverizer and the furnace, to allow sending items from one machine to the other automatically



Posted 19 December 2013 - 12:52 PM

Summary to lets play season 6 episode 3 done by Direwolf20 - Tinkering around

Video :
Published on Dec 14th, 2013
Duration : 32:36

(see also www.youtube.com/watch?v=CClwlEihf6Q on how to install DW20's modpack
and the forum post http://www.minecraft...ts-play-series/ )

00:00 Introdution

"HELLOOOOO eveybody !" :-)

Automate the pulverizer/furnace setup using a hopper. Energy management and automatic water fill up.

04:10 adding a second dynamo

05:15 crafting an aqueous accumulator

06:18 fluiducts to bring water to the machines

08:00 store excess energy for later use with energy cells

09:00 getting electrum

09:30 crafting and using the leadstone energy cell
in the GUI :
side yellow : not accepting any connection
side blue : accepting energy on this side
side orange : outputting energy from this side

11:45 a little exploring, found raspberry and blueberry bushes, good for early food, can be replanted

14:20 getting better tools with tinker's construct

15:25 reading the book

getting stencil table, part crafter, pattern chest and tool station

17:40 usage of the stencil table, part crafter, pattern chest and tool station, creation of tools and material usage.

19:40 Cobalt and Ardite can only be found in the nether

20:00 crafting a basic tool : a pickaxe. Three parts are needed, crafting the patterns, crafting the parts in a certain material (possible to use different materials for different parts), combining the parts.

24:10 producing seared bricks to make a smeltery

28:35 building the smeltery