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Lifeforce-science mod

idea mod lifeforce

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 03:37 AM

So i had this great idea for a mod that will expand your minecraft experience through the release of life-force.

Guess I'll just go right ahead:

New naturally-found things:

Fossils: Found while digging through coal or a fossilized block

Fossilized block: Found in veins on any level below ground. Gives wither/normal skeleton skulls and fossils.

Unumpentium: Ore that is about as common as gold, but found a bedrock level, requires a fourth dimensional pick to mine.

Meteor: Can be found in buried shrines, remove carefully as it can and will explode/spawn mobs, then smelt to form Unumpentium.

Shrines: can be found deep in the earth with normally zombie spawners and a meteor.

Ghosts: Can be found roaming around the world, about as common as endermen. Can't hurt you but can harm your armor if you attempt to provoke it. It also can't be killed without a 4th dimensional sword.

New buildables:

Power containment cube: Formed by surrounding 1 unumpentium with iron. Stores both electric power and soul power if constructed with gold in place of Iron.

Wire: Iron surrounded by string, connects different devices within 10 blocks of each other to transfer eletric power, again, using gold allows the same effect but with soul power.

Testla coil: Iron bars surrounding a unumpentium: When placed will raise metal rod and will begin syphoning energy from movement nearby. During storms it gets super charged when struck by lightning it attracts and generates more power.  

Electric machine: Formed by placing iron around a wire, doesn't do anything yet.

Soul machine: formed by placing 7 gold in a cauldron shaped pattern with a unumpentium in the center and diamond on the top. Doesn't do anything yet.

Personal A.B. U.D. : formed with shapeless crafting a leather chest plate with a machine, allows one to apply upgrades to one's self. Does not require power.

Tactical U.D.: formed by shapelessly crafting an arrow with a machine and a remote, this will produce a bow with a single arrow that when it makes contact with opposing entities, such as other players or a mob, allows one to apply their own set of upgrades. Arrow can not be retrieved once the arrow has made contact with a player or hostile mob.

Glove: 1 leather in shapeless crafting, can not be equipped, but does add 1 attack damage when used as a weapon, no damage/durability counter.

remote: Iron surrounding a redstone.

Upgrade coil R: With a red wool, a testla coil, and a machine, one can form a special machine that when one places a diamond in to power it (last infinitely), results in the player gaining 1.5X health. (20 hits is now 30 hits). Effectively increasing your max health. You can only be charged up to this however while near a red upgrade coil, so the second you take 10 damage, you've lost your 10 extra until you walk near the red coil again. Can be applied to mobs, but only re-gens their health.

Upgrade coil Y: With yellow wool, a tesla coil and a machine, one can form the zero-gravity/flight mechanic by placing a diamond in to power it forever. (Typically all these upgrade machines work and are built almost the exact same with different wools) You have the ability to fly as long as you have feathers, or wings in your hot bar.

Wings: Formed by crafting 5 feathers and 4 unumpentium in any pattern, allows permanent flight.

Coil Green: Improves inventory by allowing linked-chest-rifts to be placed anywhere by right clicking with the Personal AB UD. Rift chest will fade from existence once closed, but can be re-animated with another click. Holds an extra 15 items.

Coil Blue: Empowers player for short while, actually causing one's character to inflate while in use, growing them to 2.5 blocks tall, causing them to receive half-damage, and inflicting double damage. Lasts for 1.5 minutes before recharge is needed.

Coil White: When activated, will hide you from enemy mobs, entirely, for 1 minute before it needs to be recharged.

Rift Black: This is a different item crafted with black wool in the top middle, 7 ender pearls, and a machine in the center. This creates a picture frame, that when a gold tool is inserted, it becomes 4th dimensional, allowing properties even faster then diamond and the ability to harvest unumpentium from the ground and attack ghosts. One can also place in a bucket which will be exchanged for a soul absorber.

Soul absorber: Place a bucket in a rift black, it absorbs the souls of enemies killed around it, 20 zombie souls= 1 unumpentium.  Breaks after every use.

Personal SUD: Built with 8 unumpentium surrounding a soul machine. This allows the use of the soul upgrade machines. Does not need power.

Tactical SUD: Built with an arrow, a remote, 3 unumpentium and a soul machine. Allows the user to fully hack the body of the entity it possesses. Allowing one to control any normal mob or player.
-Zombie: Attack the same as normal
-Skeleton: You have a bow
-Enderman- can teleport with shift-RC
-Creeper, hold RC to blow up.
- Silverfish, hold shift to discuise one's self as a block.
-Slime: Once it splits it's gone, same with magma cubes.
-spider ; all walls are climbable like ladders, you are now two blocks wide unless you are a cave spider.
-Blaze: Fire fire with RT
-Ghast: fire blasts with RT, float, huge
- Z. pigmen: Push RT to squeal, causing all nearby pigmen to help you.
Sheep: Dont do much
Pigs: same
Chickens: Float gracefully off any height. RT lays an egg, do it too frequently and you'll take damage.
cow: Doesn't do much
villager: Can activate red stone and cook, but not craft.
player: Simply gives you the other player's inventory and skin. They can interfere and walk against you, but you still control them.
While controlling a mob, your body is left open, make sure you're in a safe place. TO swap between control and controller, simply rc the arrow or bow in your hot-bar used, the player can not remove tis bow, if it is stuck in him, and if you take it out, you loose control of the mob.

Soul conduit: Red: Built with a soul machine surrounded by unumpentium with red wool on the top (built the same way for all) NEEDS TO BE CONNECTED TO SOUL POWER.  This causes SUPER regenneration, doubling your health to 40 hearts, same rules apply as before (a non-upgraded device will only charge it to 30)  

Soul power: You will first need 5 testla coils and a block of unumpentium, place the block down and place a coil on top of it, walk a bit and place the other coils within 10 blocks of the middle, this will connect them, then link the unumpentium block with the power containment cube. Anything you kill in here now will result in soul power generated:
Good mobs: 1
Zombies: 2
creepers: 1
skeleton: 1
silverfish: half
ghasts: 5
endermen: 10
spider: 1
slime: 1 per slime/ magma cube
blaze: 2
Zpigman: 3
Other players: 5
Yourself: 10
Soul power is used to power the machines SUPPER efficiently (10 units of soul power will power all 4 upgraded machines for 5 minutes.

Conduit: Green: Same rules apply, you now have access to 40 extra spaces.  

Conduit: Blue: Supercharges the player drastically, causing them to expand into super-Steve (a lot like the mutated zombie from that mod) this guy takes up a full 3x3x3 square of blocks and smashes through all that oppose him.

Conduit: White: Removes you from view of all mobs except creepers, if they see you their blasts will shatter your abilty and make you visible to all mobs. You also appear invisible to other players entirely.

Rift: Built with a machine under a coil under a block of ununpentium. Gives the player a door which allows him to walk to he 4th dimension, where there are no souls to power your devices, it's always night, and everything is a barren wasteland littered with ghosts. Here you can fight the dimensional boss.

I will return to work on this more later....

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