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Posted 12 March 2011 - 03:40 AM


So I’ve been playing a minecraft awhile, and wondering how to improve the game in a fundamental way. I couldn’t think of any fundamental way, but I did think of some coolio plants. Some of these ideas have been mentioned, but this is my unique take on new and awesometastic plant life. (P.S. Not all these ideas need be implemented. Some are admittedly terrible ideas, but other would really help the game.)


Yes Vine s! They will spawn naturally in caves, ruins, on cliffs even on trees. The vines would be centered on a small nexus block, that would be a clump of, well, vines. The rest of the vines would spread out covering nearby blocks. Vines can grow on most natural blocks, excluding sand, gravel, obsidian or blocks from the nether. (The nether is an unnatural place!) Players can climb up vinified surface like ladders. When broken these blocks sometime contain vines seeds, from which new seed can grow. When these wall vines grow on the ceilings rope-vines will drop down, long vines which hang like a rope and can be climbed. The attributes of the vines will depend on the block it spawns on. I.e. say dirt will cause rope-vines to grown down 4 blocks, while cobblestone will cause rope-vies to grown down say 6 blocks (current numbers are arbitrary). In the same way the distance wall-vines will grow away from the nexus depends on the block the nexus is growing on. In this way there will be variety in the vines, yet their growth patterns can be planned by a savvy player. The purposes of these vines are largely aesthetic, and they are an easy natural replacement for ladders.

Moar Trees!

Yes Trees! I love how Notch added more tree models, even if the birch trees are fugly as heck. So let’s have some moar!

Redwood Tree: A very pleasant tree, with a nice red bark. Grows very tall.

Mangrove trees: Odd trees that grow near water. At the bottom of the tree-grown roots, which appear as sets 3X3 sticks. These blocks allow water to pass through, but not solid objects. When broken they drop 4 sticks. 9 sticks combined can make an artificial version of these root blocks, which act as grates.

Palm Tree: Only tree that can grow on sand. Instead of dropping seeds it drops coconuts.

Giant Sequioia/Yggdrasil: Rare Spawn. A really big tree. Like giant. Huge. Simple idea but would be a cool place to make a base, or a massive supply of wood.

Fruit trees: A tree that grows fruit. Like apples. Seriously, why have apples tree not been implemented yet? I would also accept pear trees. Cause pears are awesome.

Swamp Muck and Lilypads

Swamp muck would spawn naturally in some small bodies of water. It would appear on the top of standing water, and does not effect movement, I.E would not stop one from swimming in, or getting out of the water. It can only be spawned/placed on a column of water that is 1-3 blocks, so could not grow in deep water. Also swamp muck will cause more swamp muck to grown on adjacent swamp water blocks. It would turn all water within 4 blocks intro swamp water, which is functionally the same as normal water, but with a greenish/brown hue and which blocks some light. If swamp water is not within 4 blocks of swamp muck, then over time it will turn back into normal water.  Swamp muck is broken easily. In order to transfer swamp muck, one must use a bucket.

Lilypads- Rare, say 1 out 10 times, broken swamp muck will drop a lily pad. Lily pads can be placed on any source water block, and will allow the player to walk over them.

Gators: Gators are mobs that will spawn in swamp water, and can both swim and move on land. They are naturally peaceful, but will attack if attacked. This is actually fairly common as they swim just beneath the water’s surface, often just obscured by the swamp muck, so a careless player aimlessly destroying swamp muck may accidently anger a gator.


We demand a Shrubbery!

These shrubberies would appear as a small roots, about the size of a mushroom or sapling, surrounded by a leaf block. They would spawn naturally on dirt blocks. Both breaking the shrub leaves and the shrub root would create a shrub block. Shrub blocks can be place on dirt to plant roots, then additionally to add leaves around the root, then even more to add more leaf blocks to the shrubbery. Root blocks would naturally grow a single leaf block, which can be harvested for sustainable shrubbery growing. These shrubberies can be used to create shrubbery sculptures or hedge mazes! Awesomeatastic!


Thorn Bush: Has thorns, does damage.

Very Berry Bush: Has berries, lovely!

Flower bush: Has either red or yellow flowers growing in them. Could be used as a sustainable way to harvest flowers and therefore red and yellow dyes.


SomeForumGuy: But mushrooms aren’t plants!
Chaoztaco: Well neither are pigs!
SomeForumGuy: I never said they were!
Chaoztaco: I never said you were!
SomeForumGuy: That doesn’t make sense!
Chaoztaco: Your face doesn’t make sense!

Mushrooms are tots awesome. We need moar. Now!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

Giant Mushrooms: Grow like trees, but underground. Would spruce up caverns. Could be used for food or an underground equivalent of wood.

Glowing Mushrooms: Fluorescent mushrooms that emit a small amount of light. Moody and great for lighting underground bases.

Sporeclouds: They look normal but emit a large spore cloud which blocks sight and which monsters can spawn in.

Spring Flowers

May Showers Bring Spring Flowers!

A game changer! Spring Flowers Bounce! They appear as large flower petals supported by a spring shaped stalk. When one lands on the flower they will not take fall damage but instead will be launched upwards the same distance they fell. When placed on wall they will nock back players, or minecarts with the same force that hit them. So basically they work like springs. They grow naturally, and can be made by adding bone meal to flowers.

Tall Grass

Tall grass, which grows naturally in certain biomes, such as the savanna. It can be cut down and is flammable. It can obscure low enemies like spiders. In other biomes grass can be turned into tall grass with bone meal (it being fertilizer and all that.) They are mostly for looks, but will sometimes drop grass blades, which can be used to make weave bins.


Grapes are a new crop, which can be gathered and made into grape juice, a nice new healing food! When put into barrels (Also Notch, add barrels) they can be turned into wine! Wine is mostly useless, healing some, but blurring your vision. When combined with glass and cloth one can make Molotov cocktails! Which is a one time long-range weapon which can be used to set enemies on fire.

Man Eating Plant

A Brand New Mob (OMG) while immobile they are still dangerous. They have deadly melee attacks, and can spit long-range seeds. They spawn in the dark on dirt blocks. Nifty!

Bomb Plant

Not at all like the bomb plants from Legend of Zelda….. Okay they’re totally like the bomb plants from Legend of Zelda. Would be an easier way to get weak explosives without having to farm sulphur. There should be some drawback, perhaps you can pick them up, only grow them then blow them up in place.


There should be a way to grow flowers and mushrooms and such. My idea is that hoeing will sometimes drop biology-breaking Omni-seed, which will grow into different plants based on the block they are planted on.

Coral and Lake Grass

There are a lot of water ideas floating out there. But one thing rarely mentioned is the difference between salt water and fresh water life. I don’t think there should be two types of water, but I do feel there should be a difference in what spawns in ocean versus lakes. So my idea is that there would be special plant blocks, Lake grass for lakes and Coral for oceans. (Okayokay, technically coral is an animal). Lake grass would make freshwater fish and mobs spawn nearby and coral would do the same for sea critters. Of course this should only be implemented if more sea creatures are added.

So yeah those are my ideas. Some are great, other mediocre, but I think they would add quite a bit to the game. Not all need be included of course, but I particularly like the vines, the swamp, coral/lakegrass and the mangrove ideas. So comment and such and hopefully Notch notices this post. :--+:

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Posted 12 March 2011 - 03:49 AM

Cool, i was thinking about plants earlier.
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Posted 12 March 2011 - 06:00 AM

what about willow tree's? They are my favorite tree's and Id be uber happy If they where implemented! :D
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Posted 08 August 2012 - 11:54 AM

Search up Plantcraft for my suggestments on a differnt plantcraft. I would write them again it;s just they a really long.



Posted 08 August 2012 - 02:55 PM

we already have vines, giant shrooms, lily pads,and tall grass.

for more trees, well, if they added in redwoods, we wouldnt need giant sequoias because those are a kind of redwood.

i think maybe cypress trees could grow in swamps and in jungles, but not so much as in swamps. and anywhere in water. they would be a bit rare outside swamps, and wouldnt grow naturally in deserts, oceans, plains, taigas, tundras, ice mountains, or mushy islands. vines would naturally grow on them if grown in a swamp or jungle. the wood would be a gray, almost silver color. the planks would be the same. the leaves would show numerous twigs with little pine needle-like leaves. they would be very tall, maybe 10-20, with leves coming off in narrow branches with a block drooping down at the end. the trunk would drop into the water, and the saplings can be planted underwater or on land, on dirt, sand, and clay! the cypress would spawn with logs around the base to resemble the "knees". these trees wouldnt wipe out the oak trees in swamps, but would take up the majority of them.

besides that, i think we just need more variations of the new tree types.

-palm trees would be jungle trees with broad, flat leaves that would grow next to ocean biomes and on islands in oceans. they would also grow in desert oasis's. in deserts, water shouldnt exist except for in rivers and oasis's. they would be rare, with a pool of water surrounded by palms and grass, with animals too.

-willow trees would be oak trees that grow along side rivers and ponds across the forest. they would have a tall, oak trunk that may bend a bit and leaves that hang down from the top in a bit of an arch. the leaves would drop down to 1 block from the ground. only found in forests. if an oak sapling is planted within 3 blocks of water, it has a 50% chance of spawning a willow tree.

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 03:04 PM

There are some really cool ideas in here, I don't really have any feedback but I always think that Minecraft should have more varied plant life

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