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Posted 24 September 2013 - 12:24 AM

Hello, I'm only a texture of this mod, that doesn't have any release YET... Yes I know this should be in the W.I.P, but we will still put u on the team, and we NEED coders, so...if u r one please post down below! THX

Want some screen shots?
Sorry but my screen shots aren't showing, but we are done with the brute pig mane, and more!

I'm secretly working on some but here are the ones that I WILL show
2 blood ores

When will the download be up
When I get them to make one

Can I be part of the team?
SURE! but u will have to go thro a test

This is what is planed:
You start off like tale of kingdoms, u spawn in the village and u train and u choose where to go and what to do, will u be ready for the invasion of pig man? If not and u fail to protect the village, u will have to go to hero brines castle to fight the last battle with (I think) backflips and fire balls! Will u win, or die?!
Posted Image
I put the rival in the rival rebels mod :D.

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