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New Minecraft prison server

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 01:03 AM

Hey guys,
just like to let you know, im setting up a new minecraft prison server
currently the server will be accessed through hamachi until i can figure out this portforwarding nonsense,
if anyone is willing to help build it, help with plugins etc. join the hamachi group MineshaftPrison (Pass- 123123) and message me to put the server up also if you'd like to be staff please fill in a staff application here

Staff application

Age - (Not really a factor but i want to know the age of my staff)
InGameName -
Mineshafter? - (Again not really a factor, but i'd like to know)
Real name (Optional) -
About me (Detailed!) -
What can you bring to the server? (Again Details!) -
What makes you different from the rest? (Details here will vastly improve your chances) -

Hamachi group - MineshaftPrison
Password - 123123

For instance
Age - 12 (Don't judge xD)
InGameName - Blazingice26
Mineshafter? - Yea, i lost the pass to my premium account :/
Real name - Only trusted staff get to know :P
What can you bring to the server? - Well, uh, keeping it up? i mean i have the console right here on my desktop.....
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Posted 19 September 2013 - 12:13 AM

Currently my hamachi network is messed up, looks like ill have to figure out this portforwarding nonsense sooner...
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