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Posted 11 September 2013 - 10:58 AM

Posted Image
Posted Image Factions
   Our server is based on the Factions plugin,
   So raiding and Griefing is allowed to Compete to other Factions.
   Create a faction to make allies, enemys or just to play with friends!

Posted Image McMMo
   We have the McMMo plugin to allow you to gain levels in a bunch of skill.
   Leveling up in those skills will allow you to mine faster, get more ores, ...
   The higher you skill levels are the more you will be rewarded.
   This plugin comes with a ingame score board for players to compete and race
   to the top.

Posted Image McJobs
   McJobs allows you to have a ingame job to earn ingame money.
   We currently have a bunch of jobs such as: Woodcutter, Miner,
   Alchemist, Smith, ...

Posted ImageCreative Mode
   We also have a Plot world for player who like to play in a diffrent gamemode.
   In the Plot world you can have 1 50x50 plot to build whatever you'd like. To get
   More plots players can Donate and earn 5 or more plots.
   Plots aren't only great to protect your buildings from being destroyed but
   we can also find great builders by looking around in those plots. Those builders
   May Help the server with builder, if they'd like.

Posted Image More features comming soon
   Currently we are working on some ideas and events to make the server even more
   Attractive. We Have some feature in mind for weekly events with rewards.
   We will also organize Droppartys on Saturday To start the weekend with
   When our new spawn is finished.

Posted Image Donator Store
   On our site we have a Donator store set up for players who'd like to get a rank
   and to support the server. 100% of our donations are being used for the server and
   Not for personal use. We offer lots of features such as ranks, extra Faction Power,
   More creative Plots, Pet packages and a lot more.

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 02:25 PM

This sounds cool, I'll be logging in soon.