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[Adv] Return to Criswelvania v2.5 - Now Testing BETA: v5.2!

adventure multiplayer

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Posted 07 March 2011 - 10:59 PM

*New thread for the new Map subforum. Original thread is here.
TL;DR? Downloads at bottom of post.

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[13.01.31] Criswelvania project is two years old and running strong! Thanks for all your support, suggestions and encouragement!

is an homage to Konami's Castlevania series of games. Fans of the original NES game will note that every level and even the overall progression of the first Castlevania has been in some way interpreted in this map, and many elements from Simon's Quest, CVIII, Super Castlevania IV for SNES, and Symphony of the Night make appearances as well.

NEW! The v2.5 update features a complete upgrade to the original map with more new areas, deadly challenges, tense battles, mechanical puzzles and hidden magical treasures to find along a truly epic adventure. Discover unique weapons, powerful potions and new animal companions to aid you on your journey! Now with greatly expanded Nether content, new challenge dungeons, revamped economy, rebalanced with better multiplayer support and a slew of new redstone and piston traps and mechanisms. Maybe it's time to Return to Criswelvania!

Posted Image

Extract the Criswelvania v2.5 Return folder to your .minecraft/saves directory. Do NOT create a new folder when extracting, the World folder is contained in the archive file.
Criswelvania is current with Minecraft version 1.0+. No mods are required to play. An AdventureCraft-modified version may be forthcoming in the future, but the intention is to maintain a vanilla MC-compatible version as the official edition.

Quickstart Guide
It's sunset on the edge of a dark forest. You need to find weapons and items to survive. Open the first chest you see, and equip the sword. You can use the snowballs too, to keep monsters at bay until you can find something better. The other materials might come in handy as well.
Follow the path East, then South until you come to a lake and Zweilliger Farm. You can take refuge overnight in the farm if you wish; you may find some more items to aid you. When you are prepared, continue down the road and you will come to a passage over a cliff leading to the first village of Gillis. You should be able to see the Castle in the distance. If you search the houses in Gillis you will find your first quest.

Adventure Goals
Ascend the dark halls and towers of Criswelvania and cleanse it of the evil that awaits you within. Visit the nearby towns surrounding the Castle to buy supplies and get hints to guide you to the rarest and most powerful equipment.
There are 24 treasure items to locate across the land -- find as many as you can, and journey into the portal under the Palace of Darkness to the Nether Castle. If you can return through Gatehouse at the end of this final challenge, and escape from the Caves of Confusion to the starting point on the surface, your name will become legend! If you fail, yours may end up as rather more of a... cautionary tale.

Posted Image

"For the best experience while playing through Criswelvania,
the following guidelines are suggested:"

General Gameplay
  • Criswelvania is a tense action-adventure with roleplaying, platforming and puzzle-solving elements. Exploration is rewarded. The guidelines suggested are mainly to simulate NPC interaction, provide a challenge and sense of accomplishment, and an intuitive progression to prevent players from getting lost.
  • Difficulty must be set to at least Easy; Normal or above is recommended. Switching to Peaceful effectively forfeits the game if playing for score.
  • A Fog setting of "Normal" instead of Far is also recommended (light fog, can still see sun/moon). Try more fog (Near or Tiny) for a greater challenge and a more tense atmosphere, but only once you're familiar with the map, as high/max fog can be disorienting in some areas.
  • Real Vampire Killers will only venture outdoors or leave towns after sunset. There are some encounters that only occur at night.
  • You may get items from dispensers by activating them, but you may not loot the dispensers directly.
  • Limit yourself to carrying only one stack of any particular item, such as torches or arrows.
  • You can stash extra loot for later in the chests you find. Accidents happen...
  • Some TNT is scattered around in some chests, it's up to you how or if you want to use it. It's also worth bonus points at the end of the game (see Scoring).
  • Hardcore Mode: In the event of death you must delete, and restart the map only from the original save. If you beat the game in this way you earn a large bonus to your Final Score.
  • Hardcore Multiplayer: Killed players return as hostiles that hunt the surviving players. Map is lost when all players have died once. (Optional. see Advanced Multiplayer)
  • To set the right mood, I highly recommend the outstanding Castlevania Symphony of the Night soundtrack as background music.

Posted Image

Looting & Treasure
You may generally take any items you find, as needed. There are several items you may find which have no specific use in the game, and your inventory will fill up quickly if you take items not related to combat, defense, and survival. There are also some valuable items which can be traded in towns for supplies (see Currency), and other treasures which can be returned to the chest at the spawn point for a higher Final Score (see Scoring).

Shops & Currency
The treasure items you find in chests throughout your journey support the local economy in Criswelvania, allowing you to purchase items marked for sale in shop chests, by placing the appropriate amount of currency (honor system!) in exchange.

The rates of exchange are as follows:
Gold Nugget . . . $ 1

Iron Ingot . . . . . $ 3
Gold Ingot . . . . $ 9
Diamond . . . . . $18

Additionally, there are locations where you may sell any found books or paintings for $2 and $3, respectively. You must trade them in at the designated broker however; you may not use these as normal currency in shops.

Breaking & Placing Blocks
There are a few breakable blocks: any clay is breakable, as are suspiciously-placed single or paired blocks of half-steps or brick, or out-of-place patches of sand or gravel. There is usually a hint nearby, such as a pick or shovel in a chest. You may break monster spawners, or disable them with torches (unless playing Hardcore).
You may also mine out exposed minerals, and smelt any ores found to use as you see fit.

It is permissible to place dirt, stone, wood and other blocks to repair damaged floors or walls with the same kind of material. You may also build emergency barricades, and you may build bridges in situations such as crossing lava or chasms if it suits your style, but you may not build steps or towers to climb over fences, walls or other obstacles.

You may not craft items which you have not found yet. So, even if you find 2 bars of iron, you may not craft an iron sword until you find one first. Likewise for armor and diamond gear. It is possible to find or buy everything you need and never have to craft anything, but you will have to search! You will need at least some of the iron you find to buy things with anyway. Additional items may be crafted for extra players as well.

Adventuring Tips
If you die in Criswelvania, you will spawn at your starting location outside the forest. You may want to leave some items stashed behind you in case you need to craft or purchase replacements for any lost gear.

There are a few usable beds around, you may use these to advance your spawn position.

There is a marked path to every important location, and clear boundaries to the distinct regions in the map. Try to stay within these boundaries to avoid getting lost or breaking the game. Anywhere you see pavestones or stairs is fair game for exploration. If you get out of sight of civilization, you are getting yourself lost.

Try not to break obstacles to get around them. The puzzle elements of Criswelvania are not overly complex for the uninitiated, nothing is too fiendishly buried or requires esoteric knowledge of weird Minecraft techniques. Players need not randomly rip apart the environment to find arbitrary loot. There are occasionally multiple paths to get to or from some locations, so if you get stuck, backtrack and keep searching.

“If you choose to roleplay the adventure in this way,
it will greatly increase the depth and enjoyment of your game.”

Click to view map


Chapter 2: Throne of Darkness begins once you ascend the Clock Tower. You may still return to previously visited locations to recover overlooked items. After you clear the Palace of Darkness, you are free to locate the Treasury and the Portal Room.

There are also several challenge areas to explore once you are sufficiently equipped. First of these encountered would be Deadman's Cave, just outside of Gillis, where a great amount of pirate treasure lies tucked away. There are other mysterious areas scattered around containing treasure as well.

When you are prepared and carrying as much treasure as you can, enter the portal. To complete the game, simply return from the Nether through the next portal you find, to the Caves of Confusion. Escape to the surface and you will be back at the starting point, now determine your Final Score!

Locate the following items and return through the Nether Castle with them to the starting chest
for a higher Final Score:
Click for Scoring Table
See cv_gameplay.pdf for full Scoring Table.

Take a screenshot of recovered Treasure in the starting chest,
and post it in the thread to enter the Hall of Fame rankings!

Further Exploration
Once you beat the map, you are free to use the world as your own. If you decide to use the castle as a base, there are 3 other large and mostly unexplored caves in the area, full of minerals and danger.
The extensive Nether portal system will take you to dozens of areas to explore spanning 2 large continents, an enormous world with hundreds of things to discover. The Nether itself has 32 secret chests tucked away -- how may can you find? See if you can find the Western Ziggurat, Embersted, or the Sacred Caves. Take an 8-minute train tour of the main continent! Try to sail back to Criswelvania?

Posted Image
Longer than Portal!

More images

Helpful Hints
Keep an eye out for buttons which open doors from the outside.
Many metal doors can be permanently opened from the inside by a lever.
Wooden plates activate when an item is dropped upon them. A fishing rod sinker also works!
Spare ladders may come in handy.
Stash excess loot in safehouse locations and always enter unexplored areas prepared!
There's always a way out.

Criswelvania now has full support for Multiplayer, and to enhance the adventure, several player character roles involved in the story are provided here. These suggested roles are designed to suit players with various playstyles and levels of experience, and should be balanced in such a way that each player has a clear function in the group. Up to 5 players are recommended.

Usage is completely optional. These characters are intended as base skill classes for players who want to roleplay. You may rename, alter or rebalance these attributes to best suit your party.

Playable Characters
Click to expand this section

Hardcore Multiplayer Option: Killed players return as hostile Rachens that hunt the surviving players. Map is lost when all players have died once.

Posted Image

Mods & Texture Packs
I designed this map using Default textures, and recommend them for maximum clarity and fidelity to the intended appearance. However, if you want to spice up the look of the map, there are some appropriate textures available that very much compliment the atmosphere of Criswelvania.
Be aware, any 3rd-party textures or mods may change the way the game plays in unexpected ways, and may need to be maintained separately to remain compatible with future Minecraft updates, so I can in no way guarantee their performance.
Click to expand this section
more recommendations soon...

Download Files (23-page guide included)

Return to Criswelvania v2.5 Full (Post Pending, try v2.5 Lite below)

- includes full world with extra features! Great server map!
Click for more download mirrors


DOWNLOAD Return to Criswelvania v2.5 Lite (388MB)

- Full Adventure but no extras. Perfect mobile version!
Click for more download mirrors


Please consider using the preferred links. It helps me continue to work on projects for you to enjoy. Let me know if there are any problems with the links.
Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it!

I've added a Lite version trimmed way down for those of you with limited bandwidth, which will not include all the extra features of the full map outside of Criswelvania and the Nether. It is however the perfect size for perhaps someday playing on Minecraft Mobile, last I checked it actually worked in MineDroid, but that was before 1.8.1, who knows.
Why so many download links? Because you've asked for these options and I am happy to provide! Posted Image

Older Versions:

Posted Image

FAQ & Troubleshooting
Click to expand section


Posted Image

Criswelvania Newsfeed said:

[13.09.15] Return to Criswelvania v5.2.1 BETA is now in a final closed testing phase! Full release soon to follow!

Criswelvania turns two years old today! Thanks for all the support, suggestions and encouragement. Look forward to new adventures soon, spanning the massive world of Minerva with everything Minecraft has to offer!

Return to Criswelvania v2.5 is live. New areas, treasures and adventures await! Find wolf companions, potions, and powerful enchanted weapons and armor to help you drive back the hordes of evil lurking within the haunted halls. Works fine in Minecraft v1.3.x! One Lite version available for now, Full version with extras coming shortly.

Criswelvania vRC2 Gold & Lite Edition update released. Fixes 2 minor issues and keeps the map fully compatible with the latest Minecraft release candidate.

The first official Criswelvania trailer is out! Check it here:

Criswelvania v1.8.1 Lite Edition released, a much smaller version of the map minus extras, for users with limited bandwidth or who just want the adventure only. Perfect for playing on your Droid!

Criswelvania v1.8.1 Gold is released! The definitive update to the original classic remake/parody horror-action-rpg-adventure map for Minecraft that you should play over and over, alone or with friends! Do it! Get it now!! Can you collect all the treasures?
Chapter 3 is coming in December and it's all-new!! Ask Santa to download it for you for free!

I will be at MineCon in Las Vegas all 3 days (hopefully!). Hope to see you there! Say hi, I might have some pins n' stuff to give away. Posted Image

Playthrough Videos
The first official youTube playlist of over 150 Criswelvania videos from players around the world (spoilers ahead!):
Criswelvania Official YouTube Playlist
Over 100 hours of Criswelvania gameplay videos so far! That's amazing!! Woohoo, keep 'em coming -- I try to watch them all and I love them!
There are so many videos now that I had to create two more playlists:

Criswelvania 201+ - The first 200 videos not enough? Here's another hundred or so.

One of your favorites no longer on the list? Maybe it got moved here:
Criswelvania Best Of - The funniest, most action-packed, best-produced and most thorough runs have been moved to their own Best Of playlist. It's still being updated, there are a ton of deserving videos I haven't been able to re-watch yet to evaluate.

If you have a Criswelvania playthrough you'd like to promote, feel free to post a link in this thread! I'll be sure to give you a free like+subscribe, and add your video(s) to the official playlist on YouTube. If you would be so kind as to post a link in your description back to this thread for others to download, it would be appreciated.

Critical Acclaim for Criswelvania!
Click to expand section

Feedback is welcome!

The Fine Print

For more fun & adventures, check out:
Descent Into the Devil's Spire - Action-packed with battles and puzzles, for 1-4 players!
Criswelympics 2011.05 - A Series of 12 Multiplayer Challenges for Minecraft. Go for the Gold!
The Minerva Cup Regatta - Take a grand nautical voyage of over 13km around the seas of Minerva. Explore it solo or race against friends!

Donations are purely optional but appreciated! They will go towards the continued development of this and other Minecraft projects.

Posted Image

Follow me on twitter: @ultrafetzig for updates from MineCon, and for the current word on this and other Minecraft projects, and more!

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Posted 07 March 2011 - 11:01 PM

Started a new thread for the new Map subforum. If a mod can just move the other thread here, this one can be deleted, else this is the new Criswelvania thread. Old thread is here.

Posted Image Posted Image
[13.04.04] NecroEdit: Want to contribute something to the Minerva (Criswelvania) map and earn internet fame and glory? Read more here.
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Posted 07 March 2011 - 11:52 PM

I wish you'd make a SMP oriented map :iapprove:  This map rules, but we can't actually get through the nether in SMP



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Posted 08 March 2011 - 01:02 AM

Well you're in luck because I'm cooking up a series of Multiplayer challenges, although it will be a very different kind of map:

The Criswelympics are coming!

Six challenges so far will be in the first release. If it turns out well, I've got more ideas to add. I've also started a new Adventure map but it will probably be a couple more months before release.
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Posted 08 March 2011 - 01:15 AM

Sounds great!   This map still worked pretty well for multiplayer, we just couldn't do any of the nether stuff.



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Posted 09 March 2011 - 09:48 AM

Hey, I added your map to my list of adventure maps :iapprove:


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Posted 10 March 2011 - 01:05 PM

There's a GREAT Castlevania texture pack that some guy is making, you could use that as the official texture pack for your map.

EDIT: Just noticed you already mentioned him, this is still a great map!
Posted Image
Posted Image

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Posted 13 March 2011 - 10:10 PM

One week bump.
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Posted 13 March 2011 - 10:47 PM

Looks amazing, downloading now.



Posted 14 March 2011 - 07:14 PM

In terms of mods, may I suggest the excellent Succubi, broodmaiden and giant-fly mods by Kodiach zero? Although they're rare spawns, they fit the castlevania monster-theme perfectly. The quissential creature's troll mod is also fitting with the theme of the game.

Just suggestions, but you might want to look into them =)



Posted 14 March 2011 - 09:34 PM

When i download it i do not get a folder but a document saying "Criswelvania v1.3.0.rar" IS it because i have a mac?



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 15 March 2011 - 12:13 AM

I've seen some videos of the map on youtube. That's where I saw this map and wanted to get it but that was when search was off. I finally found it! Anyway great map, can't wait tell more people discover the map and love it as much as me.
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Posted 15 March 2011 - 01:54 AM

thorn123 said:

When i download it i do not get a folder but a document saying "Criswelvania v1.3.0.rar" IS it because i have a mac?
Shouldn't be, Macs can open .rar archives last i checked. You may need to install an app, or else try the .zip version. Look up "mac zip" or "mac rar" is all I can suggest for the moment, but I'll look into it further in the near future.
Posted ImagePosted Image


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Posted 21 March 2011 - 02:25 AM

Whoa! Just Whoa.

I just played through this map, it took me HOURS but it was so very worth it, I still feel like I haven't seen everything and the Craftslevania texture pack really added to the theme.

Criswell, you've done an amazing job and made a true adventure map and for that, I thank you. ^-^
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Posted 22 March 2011 - 01:52 AM

This is awesome dude - DOing a playthrough of it for my youtube channel atm and i'm loving it =D

Anyone who wants to watch me play it.. tadah




Posted 22 March 2011 - 04:08 AM

Please think before uploading a map.
Always include a filesmelt or mediafire download link since they are fast, instant, and easy.

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Posted 22 March 2011 - 03:51 PM

Noximous said:

This is awesome dude - DOing a playthrough of it for my youtube channel atm and i'm loving it =D

Anyone who wants to watch me play it.. tadah

Haha, very entertaining so far, keep going! I'm in California btw, and I absolutely love seeing people halfway across the globe enjoying my work.

Nice to see the Craftsylvania pack in action too, although like many packs, it does take some getting used to the item roster.

Experiment said:

Please think before uploading a map.
Always include a filesmelt or mediafire download link since they are fast, instant, and easy.

If you read back you'll notice that I have provided alternate links for anyone who asked nicely, maybe they were onto something? 4 mirrors and two formats should be enough, try the GoogleDocs link if you don't want to wait.
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Posted 22 March 2011 - 05:04 PM

I've played through most of the map... And, I must say, it's definitely among the top 3 adventure maps. The architecture, the length, the treasure system... I absolutely loved it. If only all other adventure maps were of the same quality.



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Posted 22 March 2011 - 06:27 PM

I seem to get glitched out on the path to Criswelvania. It's happened 3 times now and I've had to reload the map each time to fix it.

EDIT: It's stopped happening :iapprove:

I really love this map.I can't wait to watch Simon and Lewis to fail at it XD
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Posted 24 March 2011 - 02:43 AM

Hey Criswell, my friend and I downloaded and played your map about a month ago as our first lp (version 1.2). The videos are done, but we're still editing and uploading our adventures. Now that we have about an hour on youtube, I figure you might want to see us dest- I mean explore your map.

You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.c... ... 04E46BC036

The map is really cool and we're glad to have tried out as our first map.