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Pokemon Firered- Leafgreen MAP in MINECRAFT!

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Poll: Pokemon Firered- Leafgreen MAP in MINECRAFT! (1 member(s) have cast votes)

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 11:28 AM

HEY GUYS.. i present before you a map created wholely and soully by me..


the kanto region of pokemon world is the one i am currently working on..

i am a novice at this game and have been playing this since a month or 2.. i am not used to this game, so i may not know about which block is useful where

i am trying to make a replica of the region .. so please tell me if there are any other changes or improvements to be made

i know night does not occur in pokemon, but it does in minecraft.. and to maintain the actual city i am not putting any street lights.. instead, i am putting dispensers at regular intervals that throw out potion of night vision that can be at night.

i have also used ender chests instead of computers.. as they do the same works as the computer in pokemon does

i may come up with my own mod if possible, to add the other civilians of the game.. AI players
and if possible, even the pixelmon mod will be added

the download link will be added as soon as i complete Viridian City

if you are interested in helping me, follow this forum


Screenshots will be added to this forum from time to time. So follow this and u wont wander for this post again!

and without further adieou.. i present the screenshots

The Pallet town
Posted Image

Our Main Rival's House in Pallet Town
Posted Image

The Room Where The Game Starts
Posted Image

Entrance to Route 1 (From Pallet Town)
Posted Image

Professor Oak's Pokemon Research Lab (i know the interior sucks but the outer walls are of yellow blacks in the game)
Posted Image

Route 1 (image 1)
Posted Image

Route 1 (image 2)
Posted Image


The first pokemon center is done!

The Pokemon Center (from outside)
Posted Image

The Pokemon Center (1st floor)
Posted Image

The Pokemon Center (2nd floor)
Posted Image

Eagle view of pallet town
Posted Image

Eagle view of Route 1
Posted Image

Viridian city (in construction)
Posted Image



Posted Image

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 11:55 AM

Looks interesting...
Posted Image