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war of the worlds mod?

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 12:19 AM

i was thinking what if there was a mod based off of the latest War of The Worlds movie?
here is how the mod starts
-how the mod starts-
the player has 4 days to get their supply's and then a ''thunderstorm'' happens and these bedrock cylinders drop from the sky and then 2 days later the cylinders explode and then tripods start to spawn after a while say.. 8 days the dirt and trees get covered in this red vine that if the player tried to dig or mine it up the tool they use instantly breaks [even diamond] and if the player tried to break it with there hand the will take 2 hearts of damage if the players are lucky to get to a cylinder and break the red block in the middle of the cylinder  block the area around it would start to clear of red vine and then martians cant spawn in the cleared area and the red vine cant grow into the space.{martians could spread the vine by spraying a red mist on the clear areas also if the martians are spawning vanilla animals cant spawn and mobs to}
-martians attacks and how they look-
the martians are about the size of a zombie giant and they walk really slowly but they could fire there lasers at the player and other mobs and if the player gets to close or a mob they will get picked up and sent into the martians world[inside the ship] and the players could destroy the martian and get loot to.but they could find martians that are at zombie speed but if they hit the player the player gets ball and chain,nausea or poison if the player kill all the martians inside the ship if would turn into an empty ship which the player could mine up and get space ore and food, but the players are able to destroy them from the outside by shooting arrows at them or using TNT.
-martian tools and blocks-
if the player got hold of space or they could make a space pick,shovel,hoe,ete and also they could make a purifier that takes coal as fuel and will slowly kill the martians cylinders and cleansing your world of the martians and the red vine.
-final boss?!?!?!-
after the martians are defeated there would be a queen martian caller dropped from the last martian and if the player combines it with an arrow it becomes the queen homing beacon then the player as to shoot it and then a menu appears saying ''are use sure?'' and then the player says yes after the queen is killed the player will be awarded.
-ending reward-
if there is no trace of martians in the world the player would get random space ore to crash down as meteors and the player gets an music disk of the book War of The Worlds that they could play as the mine or do other activitys then they also get a martian head.

I hope you guys liked the war of the worlds mod idea and comment your ideas

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