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TNT Question ~ Not destroy blocks

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  • Minecraft: x_Squishy3_x

Posted 25 July 2013 - 09:47 PM

So I went hunting around looking for a TNT nerf, that makes it just not destroy blocks but can still hurt other mobs. It seems this isn't possible unless you either use a bukkit plugin (for a server) or use a Forge protection mod (which are ultimately limiting, removes the item rather than truly "nerfing" it and is not fun for multiplay/lan).

So after days of digging and experimenting with different mods, I found this thread:
and voila! IT worked! That's all I needed and it's my first proper Eclipse use! BUT... then came the big fat question: How does one GET that tweaked code and incorporate it into their minecraft???

My purpose: I'm got so sick of digging around for mods and finding great mods that aren't updated (I'm sticking to 1.5.2 at the moment) so I figured I'd get my hands dirty and make my own mods. Hence why I decided to embark on this conquest to further understanding/learn Minecraft modding, what does what, and what means what.

Any help would be nice. Please. :)
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