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Minecraft server Need staff


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 07:19 PM

We need dedicated people to play on the server We also need staff

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 07:35 PM

Hi my name is LOLZ5863 and i would like to apply for staff on your server. I have lots of exp with many new pluggins and am co-owner and admin for 3 other server. I hope you pick me and make me staff i am going for admin or mod. I also want to help your server stand out unlike the others and i am very nice with other players. I love to help people on their servers. I am a very good builder and know how to use red stone. Thx for taking your time reading this :D



    Out of the Water

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 07:39 PM

i would be great if i could have staff. im a good builder and i can help alot.

minecraft user: sullisej

is have skype add me telling me if u say yes. its: jackson.shahan91



Posted 19 July 2013 - 09:22 PM

IGN: 05192000
Age: 13
I Would LOVe To Apply! I Do NOT Grief, Steal, Raid, Or Destroy Anyones Builds, Thus, I Have The Energy To Run Great Servers!
Skype: MinecraftBro123450
I Hope I Have The Honor To Become Staff!



Posted 19 July 2013 - 10:10 PM

Hi My IGN is Geordiegaz and would love to be staff on your server, i am a mod on another server right now but it is down atm due to technical difficulties. I am 14 and am up for anything and am also a good builder.
My skype is kyle.ftw7, I would practically spend most of my spare time on your server.



    Tree Puncher

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  • Minecraft: eos8

Posted 19 July 2013 - 11:32 PM

i down, im pretty chill, fun, mature, and i don't believe in abusing powers. i can be on pretty much every day including weekends and such,

my skype is: grizzlyadams4456

my IGN is: eos8

AGE: 20

so if you feel comfortable, give me a shout via skype or im



Posted 20 July 2013 - 01:07 AM

IGN: kyehogey
Age: 13
I Would love to be given the chance to help your server! :D I do not grief steal or abuse. I will give my hardest work, always.
Time I can be on: 5-8 hours a day.
Skype: kyle.hogey



Posted 22 July 2013 - 12:37 AM

Hey this is my Admin application. Or Mod, whichever you prefer. Thanks :D
IGN: dallin101
Experience with Mc: 2 years
Age: 18
Real Name: Mason Clark
Why I Would Like To Be Staff: You just made this server and I know what its like starting your own server, I have one of my own, And I thing that because of my experience I would be capable of helping your server grow, By making me staff i think i will be able to reduce the amount f rules being broken and Help you with anything to help the server become more popular, As the server grows i will be able to become more socially skilled in minecraft and as a person.
Thanks for your time :D!!!



  • Minecraft: daredare02

Posted 22 July 2013 - 08:46 PM

Hi, my IGN is: daredare02. I would like to apply for the staff position. I have been an admin on another server that I was later aknowleged as a high ranking friend of the owner. I am an OK builder and I love playing with new friends! I am pretty good with redstone and I can always set up locks. If you would like to have me as staff I would be honored!



Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:43 PM

I would love to be a staff member on a server! This is the first ever time I have applied for a position...

Minecraft name: Timnutboy234

Age: 14

I am trustworthy, I help people and I like to build amazing things!

yours sincerely


p.s: Don't judge this post, it's my first ever post on minecraft forums! lol


  • Location: Jupiter
  • Minecraft: Bobby_Joe_

Posted 02 August 2013 - 11:09 PM

IGN: Bobby_Joe_

Age: 14 Almost 15

I help people in need, And i like to build

See you then :)



Posted 03 August 2013 - 10:44 PM

IGN: nickstoltz4

The Version I've Been Playing MC Ever Since: Alpha v1.7.01

Age: 17

Gender: Male

I like to help people and players. I don't grief, troll, steal, or give people bad advice.

If you would like to contact me, email me a notification that I'm now part of staff at: [email protected]

P.S. If you are not the owner, don't hack my e-mail!