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[FORGE][1.52]Progress Mod

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 10:30 PM

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From right to left: Copper, Malachite, Aluminum, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond Fragments.

Let's make Progress...

This is light mod which will soon be in Alpha version(it has not had a compiled test version...yet).  My desire was to make a mod that preserved the Minecraft experience while making it longer played and more challenging.  To that end, I have made numerous small changes.
First, diamonds no longer spawn in the regular world.  In order to get basics like a pickaxe and enchanting table, you must find diamond fragments ore, and combine the fragments into diamonds.  This ore is very rare; unless you spend an inordinate amount of time mining, you won't be getting any armor out of it.
Iron has also been made to spawn at much lower levels and in lower quantities.  To fill in these gaps, other materials have been added.

Copper - Basic material, easy to find and usable in low quality swords and armor, as well as tools.

Aluminum - Almost as strong as iron, but without the durability.  Better used for adornment(below).

Malachite - The lowest level gem used for adornment.

Amethyst - Moderately rare gem used for adornment.

Ruby - Extremely rare gem used for adornment.

The adornment system is currently using the crafting table until I learn how to create my own table/smelter.  To adorn an item, you put the item in with gold, lapis, and the gem of your choice(malachite requires no gold/lapis), and the item is adorned.  Adornment increases stats and will eventually give a very small ability/bonus depending on the gem used.

This is most DEFINITELY still very much a WIP, but I will be adding more by the week.  Figured I would put it up and see if there is interest in the community.  I am making this mod for myself and my friends to play on our dedicated server.

More pictures here.

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