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Yugioh in minecraft

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 11:23 AM

Hi I have had an idea to make a Yugioh competition in minecraft the rules are simple you need to have your own real Yugioh deck in real life and don't try to cheat and all that, be fair please.

if you want to try out for this competition please answer these application questions below.

Will you tell the truth:
Do you have a real Yugioh deck in real life( you are allowed all the different types of Yugioh series cards so don't worry Posted Image) :
Will you grief:

people will take turns to push a button for a dispenser to dispense a wool colour blue, red , green etc. when 2 colours of the same come out the people that had that colour will verse each other

these are the prizes for places for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (4th to be nice to make it to the semi finals) you can invite people to your party to have a fun time Posted Image

1st: Budder (gold) and Diamond party
2nd:Budder (gold) party
3rd: Iron party
4th Small Iron party

if you want to add things to the Yugioh map tell me when you join my game its on a super flat world and all there is, is a duel arena 5 to be exact and a colour chooser if you have ideas for the map as I said tell me when you have had a look around

My Ign is Blueyoshi22 if you are seeing this and you don't have a minecraft forum account send me a message  with this application on with your ign if you want to be on my friend list you can but there is only 2 spots left Posted Image

So I hope you found this interesting and if you join you better be ready to duel, plus you need to know the rules of Yugioh you will start with 4000 LP but when you join I will give you more information when the game is ready and you join.

I will collect the Applications in on Friday 19 Next Friday plus you can join to have practise matches with people Posted Image

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