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Help! Aether II Official Servers not working!

aether ii servers not working

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 07:49 PM

Okay, so this all started a few months ago. I was on Aether's 4th Official Server, and that server sucked! No one can join partys, there was no portals to aether but just nether and plus people made towers and mined everything, but players were so dumb that they tried to look awesome in front of everyone by killing players inculding people who said they were going to try to build a aether portal. Yeah, then I went to the 3rd server and when I logged in, it said that this: Outdated Client! So then I checked to see if there were new versions for Aether II, but all I saw was the same link to the aether II topic and it still said 1.5.1. Then the next day I didn't care anymore and few days I did and then a few days I didn't. But today I was able to play on the 2nd Server and people were trying to make an aether portal and they had the frame for it too, but not a water bucket. so when I got hungry I was about to make a farm, the server closed. And when I went back to go on it didn't say logging in... So, I went to see if I could join any other servers. But all the server that said logging in... said this after: Outdated Client! And I'm not sure how that shows up (so tell me why plz) And then I went to a Aether server that isn't an offical aether server, but I play on it most of the time. And I couldn't connect to the server because I think it was offline. So then, I went back to see if the official servers would work again, but again all the ones that said: logging in... said this after: Outdated Client! Even the 2nd one said that! Also I was on the right version because I wouldn't be able to join and it saying logging in. So here I am writing this right now and I don't even know if an hour past or 30 because it does feel like 30 minutes passed since what happened today.

So, plz. Tell me why it said Outdated Client and yes I do know it has nothing to do with updates, but if it does please tell me also tell me if there is update for the Aether II post please. And I looked at few answers
now and they said to update my internet browsers and I use google chrome but I don't need to update it at all, so what do I do now! (P.S. I don't even need to update my launcher either and also how am I supposed to know how to update the server software and how to download the server file again?)

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 03:03 PM

the aether 2 16 server list no longer for aether its been hosted thats why it says Outdated Client!
Offical Aether 2 Server:play.aethercommunity.com <----- Thats the IP!



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Posted 18 August 2013 - 07:08 PM

Dang it's not 1.5.1