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The Locked Box [Surv]

survival surv 1.6 locked lock box epic map derp survive

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 09:09 PM

The Locked BoxPosted Image

Locked Box
What is this you say? Well, you can start with the subject that its a box made out of material you can't break... ever. Everyone probably knows what the material is. So let us go deeper! Lost Box has limited space? Oh yes it does and that's one of its unique ability or personality... What ever you want to call it. Well there are five rooms in total, and a few added more... What are they though? Well we can start by saying there is a nether or hell, you have to find the entrance yourself though that's up to you to find. Not me to tell you. Oh and there's a a very large room, it may not have the same length as the nether but boy is it high. Theres also a looting room, no tricks or traps there though I promise. I'm saving that for later. There's an empty hallway which goes from spawn to all the other 3 main rooms.

Texture Pack
Oh now we're talking! The texture pack has to be an edited version of Kanye Craft (Full credit to Thadius even the edited items) made by me.
So what is exactly edited... well the material that you can't get through is the edited part. Alright it is bedrock and the texture I replaced it was with one of the blocks in his texture pack. This is a cartoon texture so while it is awesome, the edited part makes all the rooms look bright. Which is way better, if you don't like that then you can always change to default look of minecraft.

Usage GuideLines

1- Don't change to creative, or just stay in survival.
2- Play on Easy, Normal, or Hard. (Don't worry mobs are set not to spawn, it's just for food purpose challenges)
3- Don't take advantage of using cheats. This is the same as survival but there's a way to teach and spawn blocks in survival without cheat mode on. I better not tell you for people who don't know about this. (Oops!)

Download Links
MediaFire [Full Pack] [MAP+TEXTUREPACK] 1.6.2 11MB (Recommended)
MediaFire [Main] [MAP ONLY] 1.6.2 356KB
MediaFire [Sub] [RESOURCE PACK] 1.6.2 11MB

I give full credit to everything in the pack I offered for use in my map, all the edited and unedited textures. Go check out Thadius Kayne's Texture Pack/Resource Pack: Kanye Craft. It's a really awesome cartoon resource pack that is worth downloading. Get it today! Click here


Screen Shots

For anyone asking for the broken links - I saw a problem in the map that couldn't let you finish the map without cheating so I panicked and quickly went to the forums and deleted the map links. I then made adjustments in the map and also added more rooms since there was also a problem with tree growth. The new rooms are to help with those problems and everything from July 10th update is going to be smooth without any problems. Anyone who has found a problem you can either re-download the map or if you don't want to lose your already started box, you could just give yourself 3 string and work out the tree problem. Thanks for downloading everyone!

Check my topics out if you like ice cream.

I make fun maps and texture packs!

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