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PE Netherrack Hotel 0.7.2 Creative!

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 04:58 PM

I made a Redstone hotel in PE!! Sadly my worlds dont save, i dont know why. I made a forum about that problem BTW. But anyways, I had made two rooms. A baby cow owned Room 1, a single room, and a family of Sheep lived in Room 2, a family room. The Check In was assisted by my friend, Piggy. The sign said "Pig up your keys here!" and my friend Sheepy assisted the Customer Service. That sign said "Baaaad Problems? Customer Service!" Haha! I made an AC since I made the hotel in the desert to get more customers. Building it took an hour and a half and my staff was snorting and baaaing and mooing while I was building!!! Since theres no Redstone, I made the AC with 2 light blue wool on top, 4 white wool on bottom, two fence gates for on and off and high and low, and two signs.
The first said:


And the second:



And boy, was it fun! Customers were literally banging down our doors! I hired a baby pig to advertise so I could find a roommaid. I couldn't find one.
Have you ever made a hotel in MC PE? Was it made of netherrack? What was it made of?

Best Wishes,
Moo the PE Miner!
Thatssssss a nice houssssssse you have there.....

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