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Blood Magic mod?

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 08:51 AM

So, I've had this idea for a while... Basically, what I'm asking for is a mod that adds magic, but not just magic like Ars Magica does or anything like that (Not that anything is wrong with it, I do quite enjoy it). I want blood magic. Basically, blood magic requires taking the life force of another to use, OR you could sacrifice your own blood/life force in order to do blood magic workings, of course doing so would have serious repercussions to your player, such as disorientation, less health, slower/no health recovery (Repercussions increase based on how powerful the workings are.) Of course, not just self-powered blood magic would have repercussions. Blood magic being worked would have a serious effect on the world and especially areas in which it is constantly worked. For example, if you are constantly working blood magic in one specific area, then that area could spontaneously explode from all the excess blood magic, or mob spawns could GREATLY increase (Especially creepers), and many other things could occur. And even demons could spawn in areas with great blood magic use. So, how would one protect their mage workshops or such from demons and the like? Charms and wards. They could repel demons (Of course, if it's a weak ward don't expect it to work that great.) and the stronger ones could prevent the extreme blood magic use from reeking havoc on land they protect. So, blood magic, what can it do? Well, blood magic would have multiple spells and uses. Things such as weak small battle spells would cost small amounts of life force to use and would not have huge impacts on the environment unless used  insanely. Some spell examples could be, say, a dark energy ball. It would fire a sphere of dark energy where you aim that would fly straight and explode near mobs or when hitting a wall, thus doing damage. Of course, this isn't an extremely strong spell therefore it'd be "cheap" to use. (We're talking blood magic, nothing is truly cheap.) An extremely powerful working would require much blood magic and have a large impact on the surrounding environment. (Charred craters, random mob spawns that disregard light, etc.) An example of such would be a working that would say, activate a gate to the underworld, that demons could use to travel to the overworld easily. These demons could be controlled by powerful blood magi (It's the plural of mage) to do their bidding and fight for them. So, we've talked about a few spell ideas, blood magic effects on the world, and possible wards or charms. Now, how would we fuel our blood magic spells? Well, it's blood magic, what would be more appropriate than blood? Basically, there would be a few ways to collect said life force from creatures though. The way to get the most possible life force from a creature or person would be to build an altar of sorts and sacrifice them with a sacrificial knife. The more valuable the altar and the knife the more life force would be absorbed. Another way would be a knife with blood magic imbued that would absorb life force directly to you, of course, this would not give much life force per creature as much of the life would flee rather than be drained. -Late now. I'll be adding the rest of my ideas later or tomorrow. Feel free to respond or PM me with ideas. I'd LOVE it if we could get a coder that could do such a thing. (Remember, post still incomplete, but feel free to respond)
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Posted 10 July 2013 - 12:38 PM

Sounds good, I guess you're a FMA fan.

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PS: I can't afford minecraft so don't think about asking me if I can join a server or help you with a map...



Posted 26 July 2013 - 03:57 AM

No I am not honestly, never watched it. I apologize for this never ending up finished. I'll do some more updating my ideas at some point, but I see someone DID make a blood magic mod now. I wonder if they used my idea? Anyway, I'll probably update this with more ideas in case anyone's interested.
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Posted 27 July 2013 - 07:23 PM

Like the Brass Teapot?

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