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Minecraft won't start!

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 08:27 AM

So, it being early in the morning and being the type of gamer I am, I tried logging onto Minecraft using the old launcher to play 1.5.2. While I realize I could use the new launcher to also play 1.5.2, it seemed easier to me just to use this. (I also had Optifine installed, which is another reason why, due to the FPS increase. Yes, I realize this is in the 'unmodified' section, and I'll explain later.) So, I press play to log on, and Minecraft, for whatever reason, for a second COMPLETELY shuts off the display on my computer (the screen freezes to black), and then exits with no error. So, I figure it was somehow a bug with my current .minecraft folder (I had been able to log on earlier today), so I deleted the version I was using and went to a backup of the same .jar, taken a day earlier. Upon moving this into Roaming, Minecraft refused to even start. (Note that optifine was deleted in the wipe of my .minecraft, and it proceeded to not to work after that, so my suspicion is it wasn't optifine.) Then I deleted the backup .jar so I could get a clean install, and THAT wouldn't work. Now finally, I figure it might be fixed if I use the new launcher. So, using the new launcher, I try to install 1.5.2. The installation works fine, and for a second, I think my Minecraft is fixed, before it black-screens (not the entire display this time, just the Minecraft window), actually displays and error that actually crashes before I can read anything but the title, which states "Update graphic drivers!". I have yet to do this, but I don't see why I would need to if I could run 1.5.2 and 1.6 in both launchers just fine earlier today. Now, the old launcher won't even launch, and the new launcher launches, and can actually launch a version of 1.5.2, but whenever I click something, it instantly crashes with no error report. There was also some Windows memory protection popping up, stating that I needed to close all programs using Java to prevent memory loss. These however, crashed with Minecraft, for whatever reason.

I love Minecraft and I really would like to log on and play with some of my friends, can anyone please help me?

(I will update the drivers tomorrow.)

Thank you!

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